Is #CCPVirus actually airborne Malaria?

(mini thread)
Malaria feels just like the flu in many respects.
Malaria causes lung damage
And of course, as we all know, Trump has been pitching #Hydroxychloroquine since day one.

Did Trump know this all along?
He even had a hand at the worlds first Malaria Vaccine, only a few short years ago in 2015
Is this why Billy Boy is so confident in creating a #COVID19 #vaccine?
I'm not saying COVID *IS* Malaria, but what if some mad scientist did some sort of SARS/Malaria hybrid. Malaria is caused by a parasite. Perhaps they somehow played God and put the parasite genes into a SARS Virus? (or something, wild guess)
What if the White Hats knew they were doing this. The Black Hats already knew the Malaria drugs would be an automatic cure. They never expected anyone to instantly suggest Malaria medication as an antidote, and were quite vocally upset that the good guys instantly suggested it.
Just an idea I'm throwing out into the universe. What do you think? Am I mad? Please retweet, discuss, and dig dig dig!

#WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening
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