AN: for fun, distractions from everything happening, and I needed some fortification in my life, I've had this thread in my head for a while now.
Jinhoo 🏰 Chillon Castle - Veytaux (Switzerland)
- described as being "the medieval fortress of the shores of Lake Geneva"
- the perfect lake castle and fortress
Kuhn 🏰 Kilkenny Castle (Ireland)
- definitely an impressive castle, for being a stronghold and still being furnished
- it overlooks and guards the river Nore
Kogyeol 🏰 Osaka Castle (Japan)
- It's certainly an elegant historical landmark, no matter what season of the year
Jinhyuk 🏰 Glamis Castle (Scotland)
- the legendary setting for Macbeth comes from this castle
- it's literally magnificent, also haunted (though most these castles probably are haunted so)
Bitto 🏰 Bojnice Castle (Slovakia)
- it's a castle of Romanesque style, fairytale-like amongst the woods
- you can imagine so many fantastical knight adventures
Wooseok 🏰 Miramare Castle (Italy)
- a clifftop masterpiece that overlooks the sea
- described as being it's city's "elegiac bookend", and "fanciful"
Sunyoul 🏰 Neuschwanstein Castle - Scwangau (Germany)
- the new swan castle
- the fairy tale castle that inspired Disney
- it almost doesn't look real
Gyujin 🏰 Leeds Castle - Broomfield (Kent)
- there's something quite serene about this castle, its in its own word
- known as the loveliest castle in the world, the website's words
- kinda reminds me of something in the witcher 3 game
Hwanhee 🏰 Chateau de Pierrefonds - Olse (France)
- Merlin (one of the best shows out there) was filmed at this castle, it really gives off the Camelot vibe
- a medieval treasure
Xiao 🏰 Bran Castle (Romania)
- it is the birthplace of Dracula, Vlad the Impaler
- its honestly so interesting and legendary
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