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#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
We now have 63 confirmed cases in Jamaica for #Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA

That is 4 additional cases since our last update.
We unfortunately have had 3 deaths.
#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
We have had 9 fully recovered cases, who have been released.

#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA New cases:
A 48-year-old female;

A 26-year-old female;

A 26-year-old male; and

A 48-year-old female.
The new cases – all of whom are contacts of a confirmed case from Kingston and St Andrew – bring to 30 the number of imported cases, 22 the number of import-related cases and 11 the number of cases under investigation.

#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
The average age of the confirmed patients is 49 years – ranging from a minimum age of 12 to a maximum of 87 years. The median age is 50.

Of the 63 confirmed cases, twenty-nine (29) are females and thirty-four (34) are males.

#Jacovid19 #COVID19JAMAICA
The #Jacovid19 Efforts continues.

The need for whole society approach is absolutely critical! Meaning, no one agency and no one individual can solve this alone.

#COVID19JAMAICA #SocialDistancing #StayAtHome
ANNOUNCEMENTS | Public Private Partnership

The Ministry is proud to officially launch the new Public Private Partnership to manage the care of persons with co-morbid conditions, including diabetes and chronic hypertension, who utilize the public health system.

#JaCovid19 (1/4)
ANNOUNCEMENTS | Public Private Partnership

The goal is to reduce the number of persons who have to come into our clinics, thus helping to alleviate the demand on the public health system as we ready for a COVID-19 surge.

ANNOUNCEMENTS | Public Private Partnership

It means that those persons who have been identified as controlled patients will be now outsourced to private practitioners so that they can get their medication and any required care.

ANNOUNCEMENTS | Public Private Partnership

The Expression of Interest is now launched and they should go to the Ministry’s website to indicate their interest.

#JaCovid19 (4/4)
Public Private Partnership - Authorised Field Hospital
Cabinet has approved the use of the National Indoor Stadium as a field hospital that can cater to up to 130 people. We have started the work to retrofit that facility, complete with 72 beds, monitors and other equipment
This work is being spearheaded by the Jamaica Defence Force. We are also currently in the process of sensitizing staff, including on the subject of task shifting, if or when the need arises.
#JaCovid19 (2/4)
The goal is to have only those who are mildly affected by COVID-19 to be treated at that facility. We anticipate that the facility will be up and ready in the coming weeks.

(3/4) #JaCovid19
It is to take a budget of some 183 Million Jamaican Dollars, including the cost of personal protective equipment.

#JaCovid19 (4/4)
N-95 Donation - 100,000 N-95 masks are being donated to the Medical Association of Jamaica to outfit our private practitioners, who we need to keep their doors open, as part of the national COVI-19 national response efforts.

An MOU was signed today during the Digital Briefing.
We recognize that there is a supply side shortage and have therefore opted to invest US 2.2 Million Dollars to make this donation possible, in the public health interest.

#Jacovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
#Jacovid19 Call Centres/Hotline & Medical Students:

We wish to formally welcome the 80 medical students who are now manning the MOHW Call Centre to the joint effort to #BeatCOVID19 in Jamaica.

The addition of these 80 students to the team means that we are in a position to better respond to the needs of the people of Jamaica.

An MOU was signed today during the Digital Briefing with Principal, Prof Webber and The UWI Mona Registrar.
#Jacovid19 #Covid19Jamaica

Of the 63 confirmed cases, 30 are imported, 22 cases import-related and 11 are under investigation.

A total of 4,500 people have now come forward of about 5,400 in Jamaica who returned on or after March 18.

#Jacovid19 #Covid19Jamaica

CMO of @themohwgovjm: More than half the cases of #Jacovid19 in Jamaica are mild cases and so, there is no need for them to be in the hospital. Some are awaiting the second confirmatory test.

#Jacovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
The Andrews Memorial Hospital in partnership with @themohwgovjm will now serve as an Overflow Ward for the Kingston Public Hospital. The additional beds at Andrews will be used for the management of non-COVID19 medical patients who require in-patient care.

This will reduce the overcrowding on the Medical Ward of the KPH. KPH has allocated 32 beds on one ward for the Management of COVID-19 patients. Another ward has been reassigned to manage Severe Respiratory Illness (SARI) cases.

#Jacovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
This has reduced the bed capacity of the Internal Medicine Department from eight (8) wards to six (6). An MOU was signed today during the Digital Briefing with Dr Leach, CEO of Andrews Memorial.

#Jacovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
Mobile testing units are expected to be up and running this week. Delays were experienced to conduct upgrades to better serve. The @themohwgovjm will be reviewing the units tomorrow.

#Jacovid19 #Covid19Jamaica
@themohwgovjm has launched its #Jacovid19 Quarantine Portal, which can be accessed at .

The portal provides individuals the chance to do a COVID-19 Self-Assessment and employers the opportunity to fact check the quarantine status of their employees.
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