Jesus is the Crimson Worm in a sense; Satanists are so clever ran by the HHS the Influenza Pandemic spreads from China to Chicago infecting 110M Americans in desperate need of a Vaccine.
Oh the horror of Lies!
Hospitals are empty, not even filled with Coronavirus Crisis Actors; while the world is Quarantined during the 40 days of Lent from which Quarantine is derived, 5G is being installed in Stadiums, Schools & Hospitals.
The Coronavirus Hoax was rehearsed by China Sept 2019 & the Coronavirus Hoax was rehearsed Oct 18, 2019 in Event 201 in NYC as the Opening Ceremonies at the Wuhan Military Games featuring Coronavirus began; quite the spectacle, just not covered by US media.
5G frequencies affect the Cells the 60GHz band inhibits Blood-Oxygen transfer, preserving organs; Ventilators are big money makers made by Covidien.
Covid like Kobe (laid to rest in Corona del Mar) mean God's Door aka Babylon CV=322 Brotherhood of Death so named for Gen 3:22 Universal Healthcare was signed into law on Sunday 3:22 at 10:22 EST which is 3:22UTC; see the 322 CV connection yet?
You will, its the Tree Snake aka Black Mamba, the alter ego of Kobe Bryant, the Corona del Mar Masonic liar.
The point its Universal Health Care is Unconstitutional forced Commerce with the Federal Government & Vaccination is the Commerce.
America will soon become the Scapegoat for Babylon (Rev 18); the Messiah rising from the ashes will be Antichrist. CV Test? CV Vaccine? Just say no!
End of thread.
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