I have an idea... Let's do a promo thread of underappreciated beauty based Youtubers you'd love people to check out. Link a video, and maybe a brief reason why so other people can shop for new channels to sub to.

I'll start.. (And I'll add more later)

I LOVE his energy, his love of makeup, his humor and his knowledge. He's real, fun and talented. It's a solid OG makeup love channel.

ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY + Australian. How could you not win?

This is a smile in your heart channel. She's so sweet and adorable. It's like the early days of RawBeauty Kristi. Super relatable.

What I love about Manders is reliability. She's goals for starting a channel and sticking to it... I think people over analyze everything when you should just grab a camera and go.

Not only is she fing adorable... but she dun give a shit and tells it to you straight.

Comfortable, cute, all makeup no frills. OG style and relatable af.

Chill, storytime GRWM style with realness, humor and talent. Clearly a gamer, Miss Modern Warfare.. err Modern Ren.

Makes you smile, think and is super talented. Honest reviews, no bullshit but all personality.

I never leave a Bronze Marley Video without laughing my ass off. Done. Subscribe. Don't even think about it.

Super soft spoken and sweet, relaxing content.

HELLO HELLO HELLO One of my faves. Energy, fun, colorful... all around beautiful creator.

Relatable, sweet, gorgeous. Great for fair-skinned viewers!
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