Hello! WrestleMania Weekend is over & no one could have predicted the insane way it unfolded. The past few days have been wild but how did we get to this point?


Rounding up all the news, shenanigans & drama of February 2020.

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Right, no fucking around, let's get to it:
- The main event of the February 1st Smackdown is a 6-man tag match where the loser has to eat dog food. This match also involves Baron Corbin, because of course it does.
- WWE hold meetings with NXT talent about the importance of not spilling the beans about any issue, small or large, to the wrestling media. They're really trying hard to cover that stink.
- New Japan remind us what professional wrestling is over the course of their New Beginning tour with Jon Moxley vs Minoru Suzuki, Hiromu Takahashi vs Ryu Lee and Zack Sabre J vs Will Ospreay. All incredible matches, all completely different from each other.
- In what may be the peak of gross deathmatch wrestling, Orin Veidt slams Masashi Takeda onto a board of kitchen knives and the match is immediately stopped due to the aftermath. Takeda needed 50 stitches on his back and arms.
- Tim Thatcher is snatched away by WWE & appears in photos at the PC. We mourn the loss of another pillar of the BritWres/EuroGraps scene. We're happy that Tim is getting paid, but we aren't happy at WWE hoarding talent in a bloated roster they clearly have no intention of using.
- Killer Kross also reports to the WWE Performance Centre and we're mostly cool with that one as Kross had been hammering away at Impact for ages. It also means that we might get that Batista match that he asked for.
- Both the Kross and Thatcher signings are reported by Ryan Satin on WWE Backstage, where Satin refers to Thatcher as being an "original member of Imperium".

Oh fuck off.
- Jazzy Gabert opens up about asking for her WWE release. Her reasoning? In an interview with Wrestling Inc she said that the sacrifice she was putting into NXT UK was not worth it to jeopardise her health & the low pay she received solidified her belief that it wasn't worth it.
- WWE file a trademark for the recently released Viktor of the Ascension, likely so he can't use it on the indies. I'm sure he's heartbroken.
- Mustafa Ali, once a really promising figure on 205 Live and Smackdown, tweets out "12.13.19", which just so happens to be the last time he was used on TV. As of this thread, he still hasn't been used on TV and his last match was a dark match on 7th Feb.
- Dave Meltzer confirms that Vince McMahon sees Matt Riddle as an "outside guy" who doesn't "respect the hierarchy". Brock is in tight with Vince too, so Riddle's reputation amongst the WWE's elite is already a little tarnished.
- Jim Cornette burns one the only bridges he has left when he has a MASSIVE falling out Dave Meltzer over trivial opinions such as Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Orange Cassidy. Cornette's massively obsessed fans don't help matters with the constant snitch tagging.
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