I provide proof after proof here that Austin is #Qanon & not things that he is saying or others are saying are proofs. Because if he is & he is proof will be everywhere. Go here @ about the 30 minute mark & listen the part about the green bar & why
@AustinSteinbart add them to some videos. There are others but this 1 explains in more detail then go to this video posted 7 years about about Austin & look at the bottom of the screen @ 47 sec mark & listen to the song. Same green bar he is talking about in the first video. For
The #Qharisees to be right it would mean that @AustinSteinbart had decided to come out & pretend to be #Qanon going back as far as 7 years ago. Or that @AustinSteinbart has access a #Quantum computer or someone who has access AKA Q+ AKA future @AustinSteinbart to go back & cause
that anomaly in someone else's video camera or video or it is just a coincidence? Let me tell you what the mathematical probability of this one happening it is approximately the same as you being the single winner of the powerball without ever buying a Powerball ticket in your
life. Want to see me decrease the odds even more? Because every thing I add decreases the odds of coincidence with this next what we reach past 0. So Austin comes out as #Qanon & says their are time machines that we think are UFO that allow them to make the kinds of move that
they make because if they were not, even if your body was made of titanium you would be flattened flatter than a pancake. What are the chances of those appearing in a video on the same channel of him skiing? see it at the top of the screen? It is Purple.
Only this time it is more than 10 year before #Qanon made the first post. & on the 17th of March 17=Q. So we have already reached mathematically impossible & beyound but lets keep going. More than 5 years since #Qanon make his 1 post
Remember when I told you that they have 2 messages in all their films 1 for the illuminated ones & one for us? The Matrix is actually an occult film where those you think are the good guys are actually the bad guys. Watch it again knowing that & you will see. What are they doing
see they believe they are all one & that 1 day 1 of them will evolve & become like God. Remember what the snake told Adam & Eve in the garden? They still believe this. What are Zionists fighting for? The bringing about of Zion because that is when their Messiah will arrive.
So what message is #Qanon sending them 5 years before the Q makes his 1st post? "You are wrong, I am the 1 you are looking for Bitches" Because if you remember he is the one they are looking for not as their Messiah but the Bloodline the Holly Grail from the move Da Vinci code.
Not done but need to post before Twitter deletes my work. I will be back.
Look what I got when I tried to add to this thread? Remember This is my thread I am not replying to anyone I am adding to my thread. I told you they were messing with me. Stay tuned & get this info out while you still can.
More messages remember we are in the impossible to be coincidence realm
#Qanon #QArmy #TheGreatAwakening #Trump2020 #MAGA
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