Since I just started a discussion on this, being upset with your work is one thing but hating your work outright isn't healthy and I don't encourage it. If you want to be honest with yourself, that's fine, but you can also be kinder in terms of improvement.
"My art sucks"
"I'm not good at this."
"I'm a failure."
So what? Plenty of past artists were considered failures at one point. Your failures are not the end of your success unless you want them to be. Art is something very hard to do. It can take years to become successful.
The truth is, even if you fail at drawing something now, it doesn't mean you failed for all eternity. Your stepping stones in art are not absolutes. Just because you fail at one step doesn't mean you can't improve. You just failed at one step. You can keep going.
I've always questioned myself whether or not I should even be doing art to begin with. Whether it's even worth it, but I come back to it because I like to do it. It can be very frustrating at times, but I don't regret the work I put into getting to this point.
It's like a video game. If you lose to a boss (hard art concept) you restart the fight. After a few tries you, have to restart the stage (regroup) You get frustrated so you take a break (another hobby). You retry it and eventually win(learn about the concept and improve).
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