*downs diabetes-infested coffee* Here we fucking go I’m in a good mood

Things That Aren’t Canon About Dazai Osamu But They Might As Well Be/My Own Personal Headcannons And Scattered Character Analyses: https://twitter.com/eu_gi_oh/status/1247181808036229120
A basic one: His favorite color’s blue

Symbolically, he’s a very “Blue” character (that’s an English major term I swear): *melancholy*, reserved, erudite, clever, confident, wise, contemplative, etc.
Mentioned this before but he’s eating disorder kin

I hone in on noticing food a lot bc I hate/suck at eating and I haven’t seen Dazai voluntarily eat a full-on meal in the BSD canon (just canned crab, alcohol, cup noodles, and coffee — which is a Mood™️ and a half)
Grumpy when he gets up. Like, you catch a flash of Mafiazai when he first opens his eyes because he’s glaring daggers at you for waking him up
Never works out. He’s a skinny legend. What’s a gym?
Has that look in his eyes when he’s out of it. It can go in an instant, but it lingers

Sango Harukawa has said that she uses light/darkness in characters’ eyes as a guide to their “mental state” and how “tainted” they are. Even at 22, Dazai’s been shown to express this (+)
Harukawa’s tactic is simple, but effective. A lot of “tainted” characters in BSD lack brightness in their eyes (eg Yosano in her backstory arc) to show trauma, an emptiness of spirit, and emotional pain. Even though Dazai’s in the “light” now, glimpses of this still show up
^ Because of this I think it’s safe to say he has dissociation episodes, where he just stares at a wall numbly or doesn’t exactly perceive the world around him. Obviously, he only allows this to get serious when he’s alone bc its a vulnerable state to be in
Because of my ✨Dazai Has Touch/Intimacy Issues✨ argument, I think he vaguely flinches/freezes whenever anyone touches him with gentleness or genuity, as people with those problems tend to subconsciously and physically close up to any physical contact regardless of its intention
// NSFW (?)

He absolutely uses sex (and a lot of other physical stimulants) as an escape mechanism. I know we all joke that he’s mad horny but depression/mental illness fucks with your libido. It’s very, very, *very* complicated
*Silent crier*

As far as I know in canon, Dazai’s only shown to cry bc of Oda’s death. In the Dark Era novel, those few weeks he spent in hiding before consulting with Santōka Taneda for a new job was spent mourning Oda’s death. I think he arranged for a burial at this time too
^ I get the idea that he “never/can’t cry anymore” bc of numbness, but I think he goes *months* or even a year without shedding a tear until it all comes crumbling down from one simple trigger. You can never tell when he’s crying though. Like I said, he’s learned to suppress it
Collects things halfheartedly, but never avidly — books, postcards, keychains, letters, stamps, etc.

I doubt he likes shopping, but if he finds something interesting he’ll keep and cherish it. He’s sentimental: the things left behind are all he lets himself have
Doesn’t listen to a lot of music — repeats the same songs over and over again. I doubt he dedicates a lot of time on finding the perfect playlist. I think he’ll even listen to anything so long as sounds good to him
He’s lost so much of his childhood to depression/tragedy and that’s why he’s immature and childish now.

This is very common in people who were forced to grow up too fast. The silliness also serves as a good distraction to deflect on his true emotions
That being said, he also feels really old at times

He *understands* people and human nature in a way only someone who’s lived through too many years too fast can: “That’s their problem at 30? I dealt with that shit when I was like ... 12”

He’s 22 but already so much older
He will poke gross shit he finds on the street with a stick
100% believes everyone hates him and is “fine” with that

I think he purposefully irritates people—as entertainment, yes—but also to push them away. If they’re distracted with being annoyed at him, they can’t get close to him (+)
^This ties back to his immaturity being a byproduct of his trauma: a coping/deflecting mechanism. You can see it in his relationship w Kunikida, who, after 2 years of partnership, still didnt know anything about Dazai and only thought of him as a useless member of society (+)
Kunikida didnt even bother to think of what Dazai did before the ADA—“He was either homeless, a scoundrel, or both”—bc Dazai *succeeded* in convincing him he was just a lazy piece of shit who did nothing. You can see this in characters like Atsushi and the rest of the ADA too (+)
Dazai *purposefully* makes people dislike/be frustrated w him bc it’s better than the alternative of them knowing who he really is. And while the fear of being known is understandable, the social distance required to maintain that anonymity must hurt.

He must be very lonely.
He was *absolutely* a brat as a little kid (he does not grow out of it and my commentary on why he’s so childish now ^ emphasizes that brattiness)
Spends hours locked in the bathroom doing nothing (nothing good, at least)
Likes reading suicide letters (and writing his own)

Suicide letters carry an inherent intimacy. They are farewells put into poetry. I’m sure Dazai’s written so many. I’m sure he reads others’. Writers tend to pen a lot of the most heartbreaking and beautiful goodbyes on paper
Scratches himself and picks at old wounds absentmindedly (bad habit)
Believes in God but in an apathetic way

He’s seen enough in life to know Something is out there. He’s also been through so much that he knows that Something doesn’t necessarily have to care, nor does it
I know we all make fun of “Dazai stinky” but depression really fucks with one’s drive to do proper hygiene. It’s hard some days to even get out of bed. Or wake up. Peeling away all those bandages to shower must also be time consuming and painful. I dont blame him for dreading it
Rarely does anything to improve his appearance because he’s lazy and knows he looks fine as is.

(I am once again saying pretty people deserve no rights)
Takes his coffee really sweet now (Something dumb like 2 cream, 4 sugars). When he’s finished with mixing, that shit’s more sugar than coffee—the caffeine has been exorcised and replaced w *diabetes* (+)
^When he was 18 in the Dark Era light novel, this was his order: “I want a very cold coffee, with more milk ... Ah, but dont put ice inside. If they have decaf, get that. Double the sugar!” (Translation from nkhrchy on Tumblr)

At 22, he may have opted for more caffeine but still
Works best under pressure

I’m taking personal liberties on this one bc I also work best under pressure where I can churn out an entire essay(s) in a few hours then its prime time hibernation for like 10 days afterwards. Dazai gets me
Since he’s alluded to having met Fyodor Dostoyevsky before, I think he speaks/can read (a little) Russian. I know Fedya and him speak in Japanese in canon, but I dont think they met in Japan. Maybe on one of mafia!Dazai’s jobs to St Petersburg before?
“Flat earther” just to piss Kunikida off. I’m sure he says other blatantly wrong things for the sake of annoying people

“I dont really think we need carbon”
“Carbon: the molecule on which all life is based on and without it everything collapses”
*distant screaming*
Reads all the time. Writes just as much: “A good book is always good.” (S1E1)

He’s based off of one of Japan’s literary legends. He’s well-read. He quotes Shakespeare. He sporadically writes random things at night. I won’t be accepting criticisms
^Because of this, like any writer, he has a lot of unfinished drafts/projects/manuscripts in the back of his mind that he never tells anyone about

Also his favorite play’s Hamlet because *obviously* (IRL Osamu Dazai wrote “A New Hamlet” when he was experimenting w plays)
Insomnia made him addicted to sleeping pills.

IRL Osamu Dazai was like that too but this headcannon is mostly inspired by the white sleeping pills* in this official art by Sango Harukawa:

*These could also easily be antidepressants or something else
He definitely identifies as #Feminist #ImWithHer #MeToo but I agree with Chuuya in that he’s “the enemy of all women.” He won’t do anything creepy or intrusive (“i’M a tRuE gEnTLeMan”), he’s just a motherfucking shithead
He hates celebrating his birthday. He doesn’t really like celebrating/making a big deal out of holidays in general, but that annual reminder of being born and people *insisting* he be happy over another year passing by and getting older is The Worst
He absolutely has nightmares. (Duh. Trauma). Dazai wakes up in the middle of the night scared out of his mind wishing somebody was there to hold and comfort him but hell if he ever admits he needs anybody else haha😗✌🏽
Wishes people didn’t care about him so he’d feel less guilty

As mentioned before, Dazai has a lot of defense/deflecting mechanisms he uses to push people away. But obviously, as seen with Sushi, Chuu, and his other friends, people still care about him despite his antics (+)
^That must really conflict him inside. Because, on one hand, trust and opening up to people is such a foreign concept and he wishes this complicated touchy feely shit would just *go away*

But at the same time “wow, hey, people .. give a shit .. about .. me 🥺
Oppressively uses bratty emojis (🥺🤕🥰😇😭🥴😗)

The first BSD Socmed AU I read had Dazai using the 🥺 emoji *a lot* and it was a catalyst for *me* using it as a joke but now it’s literally the only emoji I use
Can solve a lot of detective novels/mysteries, but not all

This is inspired by the Murder on D Street episode, where Dazai was able to solve some of the mystery alongside Ranpo. I like to think of him reading a Sherlock Holmes novel and picking up on literary clues to solve it
The dead of winter and that last breath of autumn are his favorite time of year. His fashion sense has *a lot of layers* (he’s annoying to draw) so I imagine when the weather gets colder he appreciates it

Inspired by these official art/images:
Sings/hums to himself a lot absentmindedly

His Japanese VA has a really nice voice so Dazai may as well put it to good use. Lord knows he repeats that stupid double suicide anthem too many times
Hates small talk

I know he’s very charming and randomly comes up to people, but he’ll just as easily lose interest if you don’t carry the conversation well. Dazai said he never got tired of speaking w Oda bc nobody else talks like him—so the majority of his convos must be dull
Doesn’t make you feel like you have to talk to spend time together

Mmm ... I don’t know how to describe this: the silences aren’t heavy when people’re with him. He gets it. You dont have to say anything
^ Bc of his interactions w Atsushi, Kunikida, Kyouka, Hirotsu, Akutagawa, etc., we know he can be wise when he needs to be. He actually gives good advice sometimes. Which makes me think he’s a good listener, but not the best comforter (+)
^ He can be soothing and calming, sure (see: Dazai’s Entrance Exam light novel), but he’s not “hugs and kisses: let’s cry together.” No, he’s more “it’s okay. we can just sit here and watch the sunset. i won’t tell anyone. talk to me”
*Annoying texter*

In the OVA, he bombards Kunikida’s phone with calls and messages. He will 100% text Atsushi at like 5 AM some stupid thought like “do epidurals work on men” and Sushi’ll be the type to indulge him in his bullshit but Kunikida/Chuuya would have None Of It
Slow to anger, but can get irritated occasionally. Doesn’t raise his voice. Just goes really quiet and really still

In S2E2 he punches Akutagawa out of nowhere after calmly talking w him for a bit and everybody *immediately* knows he’s pissed. He isn’t explosive, he is ticking
He’s good at keeping secrets (he hasn’t ratted out the mafia ever since he defected), but it isn’t a guarantee and he is not above blackmailing, obviously. I think recently he’s gotten better at just keeping people’s secrets for the sake of it though
Loves watching shitty movies yet oddly has the best taste in them. He can also predict the endings and isn’t above spoiling things for everybody else because hes a shit
Doesn’t need to study to get a good grade. I doubt his mind is even compatible w regimented schooling. Dazai’s smart enough to get an Important Degree™️ like medicine or law but the thought of him having a lot of responsibility is tiring. Why go big when you can go home
Not big on travelling

He probably likes checking out new places and things, but the very *act* of travelling, waiting for the destination, being alone w your thoughts and boredom: Not Fun.
Hates sleeping alone but will never admit it

Waking up in the middle of the night—in pain, from a nightmare, whatever—with no one to comfort you is the loneliest feeling in the world. It’s cold and it’s heavy and Dazai’s used to it but he wishes he wasn’t
Can’t swim!

Who would’ve taught him? Why would he even have wanted to learn? He constantly tries to drown himself: it’d be a lot harder to do that if you knew how to swim. It’d be downright painful to fight against it. It’s just another useless survivalist skill to him
Has nice handwriting.

I’m not saying it’s *neat* or consistent or whatever. It’s just *nice* to look at. A lot of writers’ handwriting can be described that way, I think
A tiny superstitious

You can’t tell me that in a world of literary-themed Ability Users, goddamn werewolves and vampires, demons, and eldricht gods that Dazai wouldn’t even just a *tiny* bit believe in fate or karma or bad luck
His laugh is the most adorable yet subtly evil thing you’ll ever hear
Bad at changing his bandages

I injure myself quite a bit and get bandages like his and let me tell you: replacing and reapplying that shit *hurts* I know he has a high pain tolerance but peeling it off of your freshly wounded skin is *hell* and you never get used to it
Bisexual flirt and disaster. Everything about him screams bi culture. Don’t boo me I’m right

Here are my references:
Pulls all nighters

He said himself that the PM’s security network was singlehandedly set up by him. He can easily hack into PM databases. When the capture of Pushkin was happening, he was in a dark room w just a laptop. He is well adjusted to darkness (+)
^ People w depression tend to be night owls. We already know he is *not at all* a morning person and likes to sleep in so he has a shitty circadian rhythm. He also drinks a lot of coffee and takes naps in the daytime which both exemplify 👏🏽 Night Owl Energy👏🏽
I’ll probably write another thread on this later, but he is *not* as dominant as people tend to think—sexually or otherwise. I’ll elaborate more later; I have receipts
^That being said, he’s not At All bad at sex. He’s really good with his hands (canon) and he can definitely put that stupid tongue of his to good use. I also think he does more of the pleasuring rather than the being pleasured. But more on that *snaps fingers* later (probably)
Well-read on History.

If you dress like youre from the 1940s, youre probably gonna know a thing or two about that time period and more
Scribbles things down on napkins, receipts, sticky notes, his bandages—reminders, phone numbers, equations, lists, doodles, etc.

He doesnt carry a notebook or anything to write on like Kunikida. I like the idea of him just having shit written everywhere on something
Doesn’t realize he’s flirting with people sometimes and it absolutely gets him into trouble

I’m going off of personal experience bc sometimes I deadass dont realize I hit on someone until my friends tell me afterwards (yikes) but I also have Evidence:
^Going back on the eating disorder issues: Solids are hard to eat, so he doesn’t eat at all (Soup/noodles are a godsend)
Prefers rainy/gloomy days over sunshine

Daylight’s too exhausting, too loud, and too fucking bright a lot of the time. When it’s raining, the world is still. It is quiet. And even someone like him deserves some peace once in a while, right?
Doesn’t know how to take a serious compliment
Bad at apologizing

*cough* Apologize to everyone you’ve hurt, asshole *cough* It’s been 4 years goddamnit *cough* What happened to being a good man? *COUGH*
Plays or has played the piano before

I’m choosing to believe this for 2 reasons:
1. He has the hands of a pianist. The long, dexterous fingers and wide palms. *Pianist*
2. It’d just be really sexy of him if he did 😗✌🏽
Trust is a foreign concept

This ties back to his touch/intimacy issues. It’s not just a physical distancing, it’s also heavily emotional. Dazai isn’t a stranger to betrayal—he’s managed to be a traitor to the PM for 4 years now—and he knows the risk of letting somebody (+)
^Know even *one* serious thing about him. Example: His relationship w Mori was tenuous. In Dark Era, Mori has to investigate himself this low ranking member whos suddenly become close w his protégée—Dazai *doesnt tell him* despite their terse semi father-son/mentor-mentee dynamic
About Oda. Nor Ango. It’s definitely because Dazai knows all too well the dirty ways Mori conducts his business, and telling him he has two precious new friends is just handing another way Mori can hurt him on a silver platter. Growing up since 14 and being conditioned by Mori
*undoubtedly* left Dazai with trust issues—especially from authority figures and people who “claim” to care. He was always clever enough to know Mori was never up to anything good, but he was *14* when he got taken under his wing. Easily manipulated. (+)
As Dazai grew up and watched Mori disappoint him again and again, gradually realizing he’ll *never* be completely true, *never* be the man Dazai needs him to be, it must’ve hardened something inside him. It’s why this quote from him is so painfully honest:
^ He wholeheartedly believes in that. Why wouldn’t he? It’s the only honest thing he can hold on to in the world of betrayal, duplicity, and fickleness he’s been surrounded with since fourteen. Lead by Mori. His shadow must still lurk even now that Dazai’s 22.
^ADA Dazai’s been shown to depend on the new people in his life, sure. But again: nobody but Atsushi and Chuuya believed in him in Dead Apple and were quick to abandon him when it looked like he’d joined Fyodor and Shibusawa’s side (+)
Trust is a foreign concept. One he does not give nor yield willingly. Even now, people brand him as the “traitor” or, like Mori, somebody with no principles or loyalty. Dazai doesnt want to be that man. Not anymore. He’s trying. Hell if he tells anybody it hurts to be doubted tho
He has a large vocabulary but barely uses it. I also believe he swears a lot—casually, not in anger like Chuuya or Kunikida. It’s a common trait amongst geniuses and intellectuals to have a wide lexicography in theory but hardly expressing it and instead opting for Stupid™️speech
Would rather do literally anything else than let someone know they’ve hurt him bc ✨trust issues✨ and ✨emotional repression✨

He jokes a lot of stuff off. Far too often for it to always be just “funny.” It’s a coping mechanism and a way to ✨deflect✨
Not too fond of animals but they love him and flock to him

[Insert joke about how Atsushi’s a furry here]

Not a big social media person, but when he does post shit it’s chaotic

Im talking random shower thoughts posted at 5 AM on his IG story while some ungodly screaming* can be heard in the background and Dazai’s just ignoring it to babble about soups he likes

He loves snow

(I found this GIF in Google’s public domain but I know it’s somebody’s creation so if anybody knows who made it, I’d love to credit them)
Can’t stop his mind from catching things—change in people’s habits, the weather, small hints in conversation, people losing interest, backhanded comments, etc.

Dazai’s a very observant person and, like a lot of things about him, I think it’s a byproduct of his trauma (+)
^When you live in a high risk environment (PM) or are under the control of a dangerous/manipulative authority figure (Mori), noticing things becomes *a survival tool.* It’s Dazai’s *lifeblood.* If he doesn’t notice the little details, he’s a goner. Easily used. Lost the game (+)
^This phenomenon is most common in people who have lived in a household where *any* shift in the power dynamics means trouble and potential danger. Dazai seems to exhibit this skill even earlier than his PM days and meeting Mori, so he most likely developed it at an early age (+)
^In fact, it is most *likely* that he developed this psychological reflex as a child bc thats when people who exhibit these habits tend to solidify their minds’ perceptions in adulthood. This brings into question Dazai’s younger years and possible family life: (+)
^When he was a child, did one of his parents come home staggering or mumbling (drunk) and the instant they got back young Dazai, despite not knowing about alcohol’s effect, would still know it meant a beating, yelling, or some kind of violence? (+)
Did any sudden silence foreshadow *paralyzing* screaming later on? Did a certain noise mean annoyance, disappointment, anger? The ability to catch when something—*anything*—is amiss is usually developed as a coping skill. Was Dazai naturally like that or did he have to learn it?
^I find it unlikely he was just born that way. Other characters who experienced severe trauma from toxic environments (Ranpo and Atsushi) also exhibit this trait, with Ranpo as an extreme and Atsushi a more subtle example. The pattern is there.
Chronic pain!

Once again: ✨trauma✨ He still dons the bandages—and we know it isnt for aesthetic show, so it’s safe to say he still has them for medical reasons. The many wounds his body suffered/continues to suffer most definitely still carry a lingering pain (+)
^”Phantom” pains are also likely: when a wound may be healed—just a scar now—but the psychological/emotional pain of it’s still there and he can *feel* it even though it isn’t exactly hurting. For this reason I think he takes a lot of painkillers (IRL Osamu Dazai did too)
Pretty understanding/accepting of a lot

He *will* tease and make fun of you, sure, but leave the harsh judgement and holier than thou ideologies to Kunikida. No matter how horrible you think you are, the sins Dazai’s seen and done and craved for most likely outnumber yours.
Likes being spoiled but he’ll never ask for it. Hes human. Hes hurting. Of course he needs more love than usual some days. (Most days). But I think hes since given up on the possibility of someone taking care of him without judgement or obligation. He still wants it though. Duh.
Can’t drive because of a mental illness thing, not because he’s incompetent

In the Dazai’s Entrance Exam light novel, he’s been shown to be *absolutely shit* at driving. This is actually really common for people w mental illness. It’s not that theyre stupid or “cant” learn (+)
^The *mental energy* it takes to drive just doesnt come naturally to some people w divergent thought processes. So many factors can explain why he just *cant* drive. It isnt like nobody was available to teach him (Chuu had a license at 16), so it’s probably a mental illness thing
Romantic but you have to *dig* it out

He’s a flirt, sure, but genuinely caring for someone and dedicating himself to a long term relationship and letting himself *truly* love with complete freedom? With *those* committment, abandonment, intimacy/touch, and trust issues? Ha.
Good with kids but is afraid of having some of his own someday

I know a scene exists in one of the light novels where Dazai is comforting a child on the job whom Kunikida is frustrated with. Dazai speaks to them and miraculously solves the problem at hand just by talking (+)
^The brief first interaction Dazai and Q have in Fifteen also show an amused Dazai talking w young Q. These two seem to have a very complicated, almost sibling-like relationship (see how Q addresses Dazai so casually in The Guild Arc). They *did* grow up together in the PM (+)
^Because Dazai was tasked by Mori to find out Q’s Ability. Though their relationship has soured, I think Dazai still has a soft spot for Q (he didn’t kill Q when Soukoku found them in the Guild’s hideout despite Chuuya—someone who *definitely* loves kids—being fine with it) (+)
^In addition to this, when Dazai meets Atsushi for the first time, it’s obvious he sees him as a child. Dazai’s amused by Atsushi’s innocence and, though not the most traditional of mentors, still does enjoy being one for Atsushi (+)
^Dazai’s been shown to have a relatively good relationship with Kyouka and Kenji as well (both 14)

So he’s good w kids and even seems to like them. But I do not doubt he associates children with Odasaku and the orphans he failed to save. (+)
^So even though Oda instructed Dazai to “protect the weak. Save the orphans,” I’m sure Dazai is still hesitant and even awkward when dealing w children. He isnt nurturing or particularly attentive, but I do think he adores them. Theyre innocent and it’s an endearing contrast.

Dazai gets punched/kicked in the gut so many times that it’s probably fucked w his internal abdominal organs. Relate to my point about chronic pain^
Can’t cook

^Relate to my point about him having eating disorders. If he doesnt have the motivation to eat, I very much doubt he has the motivation to *make* something to eat (let alone it tasting good)
Likes dressing up but hates attending
Existential crises and overstimulation that he’s learned to repress
Minimalist but also decadent??

He has that vagabond bachelor aesthetic where he simultaneously doesnt give enough shits to committ to anything but he also collects a bunch of useless trinkets like love letters, poetry books, cigarette cases, matchboxes, etc. Like IRL Dazai
Sucks at cleaning his apartment
Not really that cuddly, but he can be (again, you have to *dig* it out)

^Relate to the touch/intimacy issues argument
Both hates and loves hospitals
Addicted to painkillers

^Relate to the chronic pain argument and the numbness
Loves flowers

Fun fact: IRL Osamu Dazai’s favorite flower was red roses. BSD seems to have implemented that little trait into Dazai too bc he’s constantly associated w roses (they’re a go-to flower for flirtacious people, so that’s also why)
Spends a lot of time in bed

People are drawn to him and he knows it

He *knows* he’s attractive and absolutely uses it to his advantage. Little shit
Sensitive about his skinny body

Why does nobody talk about this? In Dark Era, he was *54 kg* (119 pounds) and now he’s 67 kg (148 pounds)

119 pounds is *the low end* of the average 18 year old male weight. 148 is better at 22 but it’s still also on the low end of average. (+)
^He is *skinny.* He isn’t abnormally underweight but keep in mind the likelihood of him having eating disorders and being absolutely shit at taking care of himself. He’s also lethargic a lot of the time (+)
^Some common implications having a below average skinny body and eating disorders may have: Low appetite, ulcers, abdominal problems, easy to bruise/get hurt, muscle tension/rigidity, migraines, dizziness, anemia, iron deficiency, and much, MUCH more (+)
^I’m sure that hes even just a little bit insecure about it. Especially with male standards. When he was a teenager his skinniness was at an extreme (you can see it in Fifteen). Growing up and developing that way sours your body perception no matter how attractive you are
Fast typer

I am again taking personal liberties on this one because his hands should really understand and take advantage of their potential. If you can pick a lock with just a bobby pin you can easily type up a manifesto in one sitting, babe
Can’t keep plants alive

I like the idea of him casually hopping on board this millenial succulent trend but immediately giving up bc he cant keep them alive. He will absolutely manage to find a way to kill a cactus and it *horrifies* Kenji and Ranpo
Hands are always cold

People w skinnier/longer fingers tend to have colder hands. It’d also be symbolically satisfying for him to have cold hands. So this headcannon is a mixture of Eu’s literary and biology/anatomy interests I suppose
Loves gossip

“Okay so the tea is that Atsushi cried during the Cats movie—“
“What the FUCK are you talking about I asked you to give me a status report from your last assignment?!”
“... Do you want the tea or not, Kunikida?”
Used to being yelled at but he has a limit

Kunikida yells at him *a lot* and I know it’s played for comedy but how much can Dazai take? Does Kunikida one day lecture him about A Sensitive Topic or start chastising him about something and is being inconsiderate and Dazai just (+)
*can't* be bothered to laugh it off anymore? I know he has restraint and a lot of masks to hide his darkness, but at what point can Kunikida keep screaming in his face about "morality," "principles," and "ideals" before Dazai absolutely *snaps*?
Hates being pitied

He’d rather bottle his shit up than tell somebody how he’s feeling and get *those eyes* looking down at him right back. Fuck that
Always pauses and goes quiet when he sees a passing train, the ledge of a high precipice, a knife cutting into something, a bottle of pills, twisted rope, a gun, the river gurgling by, etc.

He could just .. end it. It would be so, so *easy* ..
Really good memory

It’s almost photographic but not exactly. Since he notices so much naturally, he must store it in his brain no matter how miniscule or useless it is and can’t un-remember it. Once again, it’s a byproduct of ✨trauma✨
Gets addicted to stuff quickly and loses interest just as fast

He’ll find a game he likes, beat it in one night, not shut up about it for 24 hours, then immediately abandon it. The high of being distracted was nice while it lasted but back to suffering until his next obsession
Spends a lot of time in empty public spaces — old churches, the graveyard, abandoned parks

He wanders around Yokohama by himself a lot. He must’ve found some nice places to just *be* in by now
Likes ghost stories and doesn’t get creeped out by them

In the Wan, Dazai convinced Kunikida there was a ghost haunting the Agency and they called Sushi in to help them on their ghost hunt. I can see him liking horror movies and cackling when his friends get scared and jump (+)
^ Also he was literally in the mafia and has clinical depression/suicidal ideations no way he’d get creeped out by frickin Samara coming out of her well he’d probably think she was cute and not get why Junichirou and Atsushi are hugging each other and cowering behind the couch
Folding laundry is his favorite menial task/chore

Whenever I fold laundry Im always like wow Eu youre so productive and put together even though all you did was crumple some shirts up and shove them at the back of your drawer! Also he folded Chuu’s clothes in S2E9:
Likes public transit

I think in general he likes public spaces like cafés and small parks where he can sit down somewhere and just people-watch. It’s peaceful.
Intrusive thoughts that get really, really fucked up
Doesn’t fight back. Just takes it

He’s been shown to at least be capable of defending himself to some degree but in a lot of fight scenes he’s very reserved and relies more on his mind to get him out of it.

Evidence: Soukoku Dungeon scene, Kunikida beating him up, etc.
Sleeps with the window open

^ Relate to him liking cold weather. When Kunikida tells him it’s potentially dangerous to leave the window open he just shrugs it off all “If I die, I die but I sure as hell am gonna get to sleep under 4728191 blankets while it’s cold damnit”
Worries a lot but hides it

He has so much more to lose now. Of course he gets scared from time to time
Philosophy > psychology (he’s better at the latter though)
Can say all of his past traumas methodically and without attachment

It always surprises people. They never know what to say. They just get really quiet and gawk at him because .. /oh/ .. that’s .. why ..
Disappears for days/weeks and everyone’s long given up trying to make him come back by force
Not a big spender, but sometimes he impulsively buys something that he thinks will make him feel something—*anything*

Nobody is immune to retail therapy and the temptations of capitalism!
Surprisingly willing to share a lot of what he has

(Not a lot of people want to accept it though)
Will never say he misses you
More awkward than he lets on
Prefers the big city
Regrets so many things but doesn’t have the will to fix them. Or he knows he can’t fix them
Talks to random people sometimes just to feel less lonely
Sees a lot of things but doesn’t say anything about it
Miserable and it feels so permanent
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