All the applause for them bowing to public pressure drowns out the questions: why would a club that uses socialism, Shankly and the ideas of togetherness make such a decision? The answer to this would mean more than the backslaps for FSG
Had a couple of great emails today. Sample insults: 'vainglorious dick', 'pig-ignorant ****head', 'lying ****'. My responses were, er, robust. Reminds me of the happy days when too many people thought Suarez was using terms of endearment.
Like I say, at times of crisis people show their true colours. I expected better of FSG. John Henry is not a stupid man. And if you're happy that it's explained away by communication problems between Boston, London and Liverpool then you need help
The decision to furlough was not made in error. It was not a misjudgment. They did it because they thought it was right and then they've bowed to public pressure. I'm OK with them thinking it's right. I'm not OK with them trying to sell me 'this means more' at the same time
The bottom line: if it's all about money, fine. I can live with that and will act accordingly. But Liverpool's marketing strategy is built around the club's 'values'. Can't have it both ways...
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