1) The amount of Modi hate and ridicule that Nehru Dynasty slaves are pumping into social media is nauseating.

India produces 70% of the world's supply of #Hydroxychloroquine. 70%!! That's why not just Trump, but 30 countries are asking India for the drug now to fight #COVID19.
2) Ipca Laboratories, Zydus Cadila & Wallace Pharmaceuticals are 3 big companies producing HCQ.

India can produce 40 tons of HCQ in 30 days meaning 20,00,00,000 tablets of 200mg each. That's enough to supply to all COVID19 affected countries in the world, plus reserve for India!
3) Each COVID patient needs just 14 HCQ tablets in a course, so 1,42,85,714 patients in the world can be treated with HCG that India produces in just 30 DAYS!! There is enough for years of outbreak in the worst case.

Look at total cases in the world. Far far less than 1.42 cr.
4) Last year India exported $6.62 billion worth of #HCQ and related formulations. There is nothing new happening today. Just temporarily India was being cautious, but now there's enough stock.

Plus, manufacturing can be ramped up as emergency.

So chill Dynasty slaves.. chill..
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