Listen 👂 to this interview

Extended interview: #BillGates on #coronavirus pandemic

🚨He is talking about us being locked up for 2 more months

🚨He is talking about tagging each of us so the #GatesFoundation knows where you go & who you are around
🚨He is talking about mass (ie #Mandatory) vaccinations 💉 of people being the only way to stop this virus & how he and his affiliates will have more info before this happens again in 6 mo as it gets cold.

🚨He has a voice because he’s wealthy < is this a reason to trust him?
🚨His whole life has been planning for a pandemic.

He even says its important for us to have simulations.

🚨He doesn’t seem to care that much about our economy, if people don’t eat it won’t phase him because he will have plenty.

And .... just one more thing to remember about #Gates ~ 2017
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