what is it with the idolization of being toxic and toxic relationships?
hi i’m chloe and welcome to my TED TALK.
now more than ever the media has been plastered with “toxic” relationships and people claiming to be toxic.
but what does it really mean to be toxic?
a toxic person is anyone who is ABUSIVE, UNSUPPORTIVE or UNHEALTHY EMOTIONALLY (someone who tends to bring you down more than anything)
if any of these traits apply to you feel free to call yourself toxic, if not proceed with this thread
okay. so i’ve noticed that a lot of people call themselves toxic, when in reality they’re far from it. why do you feel the need to bring yourself down that way? is it because you need validation from people whose opinions don’t mean shit? or
is it because you really just think low of yourself?
being toxic is not cute, it’s not a trend, it’s not attractive at all.
and indulging in toxic relationship is completely unhealthy.
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