I am not weighing in with my opinion on this.

However, there are many, many issues beyond those posed for players or addressed in the initial proposal.

Things that those who haven't worked in sports may not immediately notice.

Below are my questions & observations (thread) https://twitter.com/JeffPassan/status/1247379673727799296
I have lots of concern that this proposed MLB season would PERMANENTLY eliminate many media jobs.

Although it would be a massive opportunity for those in the greater Phoenix area trying to break into the sports biz.
There's a widespread belief that everyone working in sports is rich -- this isn't true. Including players.

How does per diem work if everyone is "on the road" for the full season?

If everyone is sequestered in hotels for a whole season, how are these day-to-day issues handled?
How is sponsorship value divvied up among clubs playing in the same ballpark? Without gate receipts, this money will be vital in keeping many clubs afloat and these seems to be some obstacles in determining how this is handled.
There are many life-altering strains that will result in this for both players and staff, from pre-existing medical conditions, marriages, relationships and parental situations.
Several other questions -- where will players get called up from if minor leagues aren't also playing?

If someone is called up, they may be exposed to the virus and if everyone's sequestered in the same hotels, one callup could infect the entire league.
These are only what I came up with in 15 minutes of thinking. There are so many more that'll come to mind later today that the average person doesn't see.

I'll share more as they pop up.

I (my income depends on sports) wants sports back as much as anyone. But need answers first
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