I was one of the many people who requested an absentee ballot in Wisconsin and never actually received the ballot in the mail. There is a lot of misinformation about possible next steps.
I had heard that people in my situation could call the Election Commission and request to be emailed a ballot, which you can print out and submit.
I just called the Election Commission number and was told the only option for me is to go vote in person. I asked to confirm that I was speaking with the Election Commission, and the person said no. I asked to be transferred to the Election Commission.
Once I was transferred to the actual Election Commission, the person informed me that I can email [email protected] and explain my situation and could possibly be emailed a ballot, which I could print out and submit today.
I just received this reply: "If you are requesting an Absentee ballot... the extended deadline (5:00pm Friday, April 3 2020) has now passed, and we are not able to process your application. If you contacted us regarding an existing ballot ..., we will reply as soon as we can."
I responded to the email explaining that I submitted my absentee ballot request on March 21, and would like to be emailed a ballot. I will update this thread if I hear anything back.
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