1. Monumental discoveries! You will have not believe the connections made in this thread!

The number of patients received by the USNS Mercy and the Comfort are extremely low despite the media saying an overwhelming surge of COVID-19 patients are inundating hospitals.

Why? https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1246759376599334914
2. It's simple. Money.

Imagine for a moment there really isn't as much inundation and overwhelming surges of coronavirus patients as the media says there is. Trump, wanting to be the best president he can be, sends out the Navy to help. But, the hospitals aren't really overrun.
3. Remember, this is just hypothetical! I am in no way stating that COVID-19 is a hoax, understand? But, if hospitals have to start giving up their patients in order to make room for the additional Coronavirus victims, then the Navy ships should be filling up quickly, right?
4. Can we assume the opposite is true if the Navy ships are NOT filling up rapidly then? These local hospitals will go broke if they don't maintain a certain number of patients. Insurance companies won't be paying hospitals if they're not seeing patients. https://twitter.com/PortaRock/status/1245195472500908033?s=20
5. Is it possible that hospitals are not surrendering their patients to the Navy because they're not really overwhelmed? They can't afford to surrender the only patients they have to the Navy. That sounds plausible, does it not? What other reason could the ships be in port then?
6. How does the media save face in all of this? They've started saying this was all a stunt. One doctor even called it a joke, claiming the Navy is not accepting their patients. Let's not forget, we're talking about something that was agreed to by the entire Coronavirus panel.
7. Bringing in the Mercy and the Comfort was a huge task. The idea was rooted in Trump and his military leaders' efforts to "help in the war against an invisible enemy". So, who would stand to gain in this situation if the Navy wasn't really going to be relieving area hospitals?
8. Trump gave credit to everybody helping to bring the Mercy and the Comfort in to port to begin with but consider the other side to this.

The Navy commanders are reporting the hospital ships are ready and waiting but local hospitals are not sending them very many patients.
9. So which one is it? Are local hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients or not?

Trump is a genius. By making the Navy ships available and KNOWING that hospitals would not readily surrender money earning patients unless they WERE TRULY OVERWHELMED, the truth is exposed.
10. But, Trump is also an excellent strategist, why kill 1 bird with 1 stone when he can kill 2, 3 or more with 1 stone?

That's where this REALLY starts to make sense. What happens when the military deploys the largest hospital ships in the world to a port?

The port is secured.
11. Look at the videos of the area. Look at the Marines on the ground, the Navy and Coastguard in the water. Look at the military drones and observation aircraft.

NOTHING will move in or out of those ports without the US military seeing it AND possibly stopping it or seizing it.
12. Starting to get the bigger picture? So, what is the big deal about these ports? Well, the Port of Los Angeles is THE BIGGEST CONTAINER PORT IN THE WORLD. Right next to it is the Port of Long Beach, the 2nd largest container port in the world. Combined, they're simply MASSIVE.
13. So, who runs those ports?

"COSCO shipping is a Chinese state-owned company. Taking over its Hong Kong based rival OOIL means COSCO would take over Long Beach Container Terminal."

China, via China owned COSCO, tried to buy the Long Beach TERMINAL.

Trump blocked the sale.
14. But, the city of Long Beach and the state of California were going to allow China to take over the 2nd largest container port in the world.

Deals like that with our biggest competitor and possible enemy threaten America.

COSCO is major deep state with ties to the Clintons.
15. "The Port of Long Beach, also known as the Harbor Department of the City of Long Beach, is the second-busiest container port in the United States, after the Port of Los Angeles, which it adjoins. Acting as a major gateway for US–Asian trade..."

17. It's unfair to accuse people without fact.

Facts: Lowenthal is heavily rooted in the Cambodian community, formed relationships with Phnom Penh, travels to Cambodia with the [Red Cross] AND was Vice President of the board when they tried to sell the port to China owned COSCO.
18. After the COSCO deal was blocked, the port sold to Macquarie Group of Australia. We know there's a lot going on with Australia and the Deep State, right?

Well, Lowenthal recused herself from voting on the deal because she owns stock in Macquarie!
20. I'm going to assume you have some prior knowledge of the facts and connections that we've uncovered over the past 2.5 years. At the end of this thread I'll provide links from myself and other Anons to help you understand some of these conclusions in case you're not familiar.
21. Jaime Lee is president of the port of Los Angeles commission. She's an alumni of University of California, has connections to the YMCA and to the fashion world, all of which have been proven to have Deep State connections. Is she involved in the more sinister sides? No clue.
22. The Vice President of the port is more interesting. He wreaks of Deep State connections with jobs at investment firms, consulting groups and Goldman Sachs. But, what truly stood out was his time living in and working for Chongqin Wanli battery storage company in China.
23. You always have to wonder why someone leaves good opportunities?

That's the Chess Board analogy that Q uses. It indicates players are strategically placed into positions of value by the one controlling the pieces.

There's one man responsible appointing all these people.
24. Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed every single one of these people on the Los Angeles port commission. He is one of the most corrupt mayors in the United States. His victim, the City of Angeles, has literally been destroyed by his outrageous, socialist, democrat policies.
25. The port of Los Angeles and Long Beach port are now both under total observation and, if need be, control, by the US military because the USNS Mercy is deployed there. Trafficking into or out of the ports can now be stopped completely.

(There's more, not over till
- End)
26. Mayor Garcetti has even been outed by Democrats, saying life under his tenure is terrible for L.A. Homelessness at historic levels, drugs and gangs thriving, unemployment is rampant. Here’s an article outlining some of his most egregious acts. https://www.citywatchla.com/index.php/2016-01-01-13-17-00/los-angeles/17871-garcetti-s-malignant-corruption-and-dishonesty
27. So what about the port of New York? Where the Comfort is at? It’s no secret Bill de Blasio, the governor of New York, is using a fake name. Well documented by Anons, his real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr with ties to Nazi Germany families and possibly even if it’s early royalty.
28. Andrew Cuomo is one of the most notorious deep State Governor’s there are and he has been fully exposed as a DEEP State player by Trump. They are in charge of the state of New York and the city of New York and its Port Authority.

But what about the LOCATION of the Comfort?
29. It’s in New York Harbor, mouth to the Hudson River and one of the largest municipal shipping routes in the country. New York is the biggest population center of the East Coast. Pier 90 usually houses cruise ships. Now, US Navy and Coastguard are HEAVILY patrolling the area.
30. The New York-New Jersey Port Authority has a long history of employing compromised members but you have to go no further than Bill DeBlasio, AKA Warren Wilhelm Jr, and Andrew Cuomo, to realize the everything there is severely manipulated and controlled by Deep State actors.
31. But is that really why we're there? Why New York and Los Angeles? Why not Atlanta? Why not Portland? Why not Seattle? After all, Seattle Washington has patient zero right? The first deaths, the biggest initial wave, and Portland has 5 million people in it.
32. Did you know that we were told this was going to happen, long in advance? Did you catch that? August of 2018, Q called it. Coincidence? Really?

Watch CA, Watch NYC. And hey, not just watch New York, but New York City! And that is from MAY OF 2018.

Future proves past.
33. Links to stuff that I hope you already know but if not please take the time to read through them. The Chinese Shipping Lines information picks up at #66 in this thread. I encourage you to read the entire thread, it is paramount for the GreatAwakening! https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1109391651561078785?s=20
34. This is a must-read set of threads, one of the greatest assortments of trafficking information and Q drops along with Trump confirmations. You will be well versed by the time you're done with these. https://twitter.com/QBlueSkyQ/status/1125809199370395648?s=20
35. This is a must read thread on how much the deep state in the United States actually ties to the UK and more specifically London. In it you will find the entire explanation of Warren Wilhelm Jr and his numerous name changes to avoid his lineage. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1135630454554390528?s=20
36. This will lead you to one of the most epic collections I've not only Q drops about the Red Cross but also numerous articles and proofs to prove the Q drops true about just how corrupt the Red Cross is. https://twitter.com/cjtruth/status/1156167631617089536?s=20
37. When we look at Deep State members inside the United States government, one of the greatest actions Trump has taken is to put the US military in their path. By placing the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy in two of the country's largest ports, he has created Q proofs.
38. The QProof is a small bird killed with this stone. The ships being placed into these areas to relieve local hospitals of their burden during the pandemic is a bigger bird killed with this stone. But, the US military ending trafficking is a MASSIVE bird killed with this stone.
39. There is so much to look forward to with a president like Donald Trump. So much going on behind the scenes and so much to discover that is good in his hidden actions. The days of darkness and deceit by our leaders is hopefully over...that's up to us, the voters.
40. I'm going to leave it here. I hope that you all are blessed by this thread and I encourage you to continue to read and to dig on your own. There is so much out there with so any Q proofs and so many good things to look forward to.

God bless,


- End
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