A Timeline [1/7]:

- 27/02 - Boris Johnson makes SURPRISE visit to Kettering hospital A&E for photo op (attached)
- 29/02 - He & Carrie Symonds announce pregnancy
- 01/03 - Johnson visits Royal Free Hospital (the main treatment centre for UK C19 cases)

#covid19uk #coronavirusuk
A Timeline [2/7]:

- 01/03 - Johnson visits PHE National Infection Service lab in Colindale for photo op (attached)
- 03/03 - Boris laughingly tells reporters he was shaking hands with everybody at a hospital treating #COVID19 patients (previous tweet)

#covid19uk #coronavirusuk
A Timeline [3/7]:

- 06/03 - He visits Mologic lab in Bedford for another photo op (attached)

- 08/03 - BJ visits flood-hit Bewdley, Worcestershire

Keeping this short, cos next one’s a big’un (and actually between ^these two^ dates, for clarity)

#covid19uk #coronavirusuk
A Timeline [4/7]:

- 07/03 - Johnson & Symonds host International Women’s Day - Students of Westminster Kingsway College served them food and drinks, while a group of 50 year-9 secondary school students were also in attendance. As well as women from across the UK globe.
A Timeline [5/7]:

- 09/03 - Johnson/Symonds attend Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. Meets with Royal Family & mingles w/ scores of children & elderly (inc people from across the CW, spreading it further/sooner).

Full Youtube -

A Timeline [6/7]:

- 27/03 - BJ tests positive following symptoms, starts isolation
- 02/04 - Announces leaving isolation/returning to work in full the next day. Going against the UK advice, let alone that of the WHO. He should have been isolating for a further 2 weeks from 03/04
A Timeline [7/7]:

- 05/04 - Boris Johnson hospitalised
- 06/04 - Admitted to ICU

#covid19uk #coronavirusuk
A Timeline [3/7]:

- 08/03 - Additional photos of the Bewdley visit.

#StayHomeSaveLives indeed, @BorisJohnson

#COVID19UK #CoronavirusUK
A Timeline [3/7]:

- 08/03 - Re: Bewdley visit, it's worth bearing in mind the trip only happened on this date as he was criticised for not visiting sooner (flooding started 26/02).

The day before his surprise visit to Kettering hospital
A Timeline [3/7]:

- 27/03 - Surprise visit to Kettering Hospital was for a piece in #NeverBuyTheSun. Ironically about the importance of medical staff.

(BTW Sun editor/bellend @danwootton is currently begging people to buy newspapers on his Twitter 🙄)

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