|| BEING KINKY FOR A DAY PRANK-ISH ON DADDY 🥰|| #pranks #storytime #threadstorytime #freakythreads #freakmoods 200 likes & 10 retweet’s 5 comments .
okay ,, so this was sum time ago not that long tho .. ii woke up before him & he was still sleep to ii sucked his dick and woke him up . he came in my mouf🤤. once he was fully away he asked me “ mamas why uu did that ? “ me : cus daddy deserves it 😌. and he starts 👅 me down .
he pushed me down ona bed and was like “ lemme return the favor “ & ii got up and was like “ nah daddy uu don’t have to “ so he throws me back ona bed and was like “ girl lay tf down and keep still “ me : ok daddy 🥺😌. so he done gave me some bomb ass head , ii done came in his
mouf like 2 times and he carried me to the shower and we took aa shower together . ( we anit do nun in their tho ) the plan for the day was that we was going to go to the mall , go go carting , & out to eat 🥰. ii got dressed and had on ( the body suit sides was aa lil higher
like right under my armpit and it was in white ) then ii had on black loose jogger and ii put em low to where it showed my v line ( the joggers was black ) and ii had on sum white high top / high heeled converse .
ii looked yummy . hair was in 2 space buns with the lil chop stick thingies eye brows done lashes attached . lip gloss . ii draw aa lil mini heart by my eye .. OVERALL ii was just cute and ii looked bbyish but sexy . bby had on (pics) wit black pants that had rips by the knee the
the shirt wasn’t really aa shirt it was aa sweat shirt .
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