Do hinduism have bizzare stories?

Idiot is back with a different handle and this time tries to mock Hinduism by false allegations. Let's expose him.
First we will take up the claim about prajapati and Usha.-
Before that readers must know that Vedas are main texts of Sanatan Dharma and all other texts are explanations of Vedas in one way or another.
What does prajapati means here?
प्रजापतिर्वै सुपर्णो गुरुत्मानेष सविता।। (Shatpath brahman

Here "Prajapati" means "Sun" and "Usha" means redness of sky in morning. Even in Hindi we use "Ushakaal"(ऊषाकाल) to describe morning.
Prajapati is "Pita" of Usha, as Pita is generally translated as father in english, but in sanskrit Pita means "One who protects and sustains" (पालने वाला), Redness in sky is sustained by sun, no sun means no redness.
The combination of sunlight and Usha gives birth to a new day. This story is of "Rupaka Alankara" widely used in poetry. But some idiots are so blinded by hate they won't see the truth
This also has a deep scientific truth behind it, Usha is not direct sunlight, its scattered light which we see before actual sunrise, how beautifully its explained here.
Rigveda 3,31,1 says Vedas are full of Rupaka alankara as it is easier to understand it also helps understanding natural phenomenon.
He claims some disgusting things about shiva,
Shiva as we all know is called adiyogi. Can Shiva an expert in Yoga do such things? Let's look what texts say.
This image is from Patanjali's Yogadarshana, Brahmacharya is elementary part of Yoga, without it none can attain Samadhi, Shiva the Adiyogi can never do such things.
Let's see what Vedas say, Atharva veda 11/5/19 says Devas are liberated from death through Brahmcharya.
Adiyogi, great shiva was beyond all these worldly temptations.
Next comes false allegations on Shree Krishna, let's see what our texts say about Shree Krishna-
In Mahabharata Bhishma says there is no match for Krishna in decency, patience, knowledge, skills, charity etc.
It is clear that krishna had no match in qualities, he was most decent and knowledgeable person on earth. Even Shishupala who used very bad words for Krishna did not raise a question in his Character. (Sabha parva)
Next comes claim that it is written in Shatpath Brahman that earth has 4 corners, its wrong as it says earth has 4 directions(photo attached) as we have to keep direction in mind during Yagya that's why it's written there.
It is clearly mentioned in Vedas that earth is round and moves around the sun.
आयं गौः पृश्निरक्रमीदसदन्मातरं पुरः । पितरं च प्रयन्त्स्वः।।
-यजुः० अ० ३। मं० ६.
Next he says in Hindu texts Moon is twice as large as sun,
That's totally false and can be refuted with a single mantra from rigveda-
त्वं सोम पितृभिः संविदानोऽनु द्यावापृथिवी आ ततन्थ।
This mantra says moon rotates around the sun and cause eclipses.
Next he claims something about Indra and call Indra as Hindu God, but in Vedic sanskrit, one with wealth is called Indra(Used for king).
Indra is used for King of devtas in many places and for earthly kings in other contexts, context is important which he promptly ignored.
His claims are just nonsense to defame hinduism, those who are not familiar with hindu texts can get influenced by him hence this fact based refutation was necessary.
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