"A new covenant with nature" is a mystical idea.

Goldsmith's mysticism literally gives personhood to "nature".

"Nature" is not able to enter into a covenant any more than a rabbit can obtain a mortgage.

What we see here is green ideology -- a new religion. https://twitter.com/ZacGoldsmith/status/1247463367482183680
Our "relationship with nature" is the healthiest it has ever been in history.

Except on the green view, it is the worst.

It's very easy for people who don't ever have to work, who can buy their way into British and global politics, to find fault with the world.
It should trouble us that there is a member of the cabinet, who has been several times rejected by the public, nonetheless able to bring such irrational, mystical ideas to the government.
Notice that we cannot "reflect profoundly on our relationship with nature" and disagree with Goldsmith.

We are not allowed to interrogate what Goldsmith means by nature, and whether or not it exists.

In the same way, we can't remove Goldsmith and his ideology from office.
To a green ideologue, every problem on Earth can be explained in terms of our "relationship with nature", requiring a "new covenant".

In the same way, the crisis proves the need to dismantle capitalism -- according to every socialist.
It doesn't matter what the facts are -- which are yet very far from being understood.

The ideologues are making radical arguments *far* in advance of anything that can be said about the virus by epidemiology and virology.

But the ideologues are sure, all the same.
"A new covenant with nature" means a new form of government against people.

That is all it has ever meant. That's the *nature* of environmentalism.

That is why it is the favourite ideology of degenerate millionaires and billionaires.
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