Just as some of us are more vulnerable to #coronavirus it is clear that some are more vulnerable to the economic shock 🦠💥

Our Minimum Income Guarantee would ensure everyone has access to enough cash to meet the basic cost of living 💸

Our MIG proposal is for a minimum income floor that is: 📝comprehensive
📊non-means tested at the point of access

This would catch everyone left out of the job retention and the self-employed income support schemes 👐 https://bit.ly/2WRgYph 
Great to see similar ideas coming from @The_TUC 💡

They're calling for changes to the safety net like:

🙅‍♀️Suspension of conditionality
📆An end to the five week wait
⬆️Raising the basic level of UC
🧢Removal of the benefit cap

Read more: https://bit.ly/3bVAa9K 
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