1/3 As minister for #mentalhealth (amongst other things) people are asking me why they can’t sit out in the sunshine if they are 2m away from others. It’s behavioural and I’ll explain why. If you go and put a rug down on the grass in the park when no one is there, of course, you
2/3 are safe and no danger to others. But someone else will see you and think, that’s a good idea, and will do likewise. A family of four isolating together will do the same, and bring a picnic. A group of friends will see you and think, hey, why don’t we all do that and just sit
3/3 apart. By lunchtime, the park will be full of people carrying #COVID19 the gates, benches, bins and fences will have been touched and people will be crowding and moving unavoidably close. It’s so hard, but for the sake of our #NHS #StayHomeSaveLives
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