I'm seeing from many days everyone is targeting #Shehnaazians & #ShehnaazGiII

I challenge haters if you have guys then watch this thread of mine !

1) We Shehnaazians never did a negative trend during the whole season........ While all the other fandoms did !
2) What did we did ? First people like Shiza Aunty , that sardaar & G4 demeaned #ShehnaazGiII to no end...... Then we started to protest !

3) #SidNaaz fans always targeted us to be in good books of #SidHearts , now since the case isn't same............. But we never reacted !
4) Flushme , Saza, FakeNaaz, Bhalu, Chukla, Nalla, Chuslet all this shitty names were given by which fandoms ?

Who trende MahiraKaun ? Who trende FakeNaaz ? Who trende Flushme ? Who trended 'Sana a bad role model' ?
5) Which fandom trended against @VijMahhi ? That too for no reason !

6) Our FC's always poured Positivity ,Inspite of all this #ShehnaazGiII is facing

7) I agree sometimes some people demeaned ur idols , but it was eventually started by your own fandom !

8) Our fandom always loved & respected #SidharthShukla , yes some 10-20 exceptions were there , but why is our whole fandom demeaned ?
9) During the time of BB #ShehnaazGiII was the most character assassinated person ! Still we forgave the ones who apologized !

10) agar hum #SidNaaz karke tumhare idol ko pyar kare toh tumhe lagta hai hum Sana ko promote kar rahe hai

Na karein toh humne tumhare idol ko use kiya
11) Simple si baat #Shehnaazians wahi karte hai Jo Inka 💖 kehta hai

12 ) Hum log sirf @ishehnaaz_gill se pyaar karte hai !

Humein kisi ladayi se koi Lena Dena nahi hai !

Phir bhi saare celebs humein neecha dikhate hai ! And #ShehnaazGiII
Ko bhi
13 ) Jab bhi #SidNaaz fandom kuch karta hai sara blame #ShehnaazGiII & #Shehnaazians par dalte ho

Itni toh sharam kar lo...
Kitni baar bola hai shehnaazians are not SidNaazians but ye #SidHearts & celebs kabhi nahi samjhenge !

There's a difference btw a shipper & admirer !

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