I chaired the meeting of Standing Committee of NBWL today through VC and approved wildlife clearance for number of developmental project proposals submitted by 11 States.
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We approved 2 infrastructure proposals related to laying of Power Transmission line and construction of highway in Goa state, which will give boost to tourism development.
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Proposal of Maharashtra Government for amendment to construction of Nagpur - Mumbai Super highway approved, which shall boost the overall growth the region.
We approved Small scale stone mining projects in #Kota District. This would boost local employment and economic development of the district.
A unique project of underground pumped storage facility for generation of Hydroelectricity is approved which will bridge the gap in electricity supply in the State
Projects of Indian Railways to construct a railway bridge in #MadhyaPradesh and an additional broad gauge line in #Telangana are approved, which are going to strengthen the critical railway infrastructure.
Defence proposals of strategic importance in #Uttarakhand are approved which will strengthen the defence infrastructure of the country.
A multipurpose project in #Uttarakhand to harness water for irrigation & electricity, and irrigation project in #Telangana are approved, which will usher in economic & agricultural development of the regions.
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