We got the chance to visit #Wai, #Satara and #Sangli, in July 2017.
Wai, This small town in Satara district, is the first stop en-route to the bigger and more famous hill stations such as Panchgani and Mahabaleshwara and is an ideal monsoon spot near Pune.
The monsoon came late
A place of immense cultural and historical importance, of #rivers and #temples and #lush beauty that begins here and seems to go on forever. 
Explore the #LoharePalpeshwarCaves, which is situated at a mere 5 km north of Wai. Touted as a great example of architecture
Next day left to Satara, has had a pivotal influence on the history of the Maratha Empire. The #plateau and its surroundings brace the palatial #Forts in Satara. The forts are symbolic of the successes of Shivaji Maharaja’s descendants and Bhosle Clan’s supremacy. U will love it
It offers to much more things like #PratapgadFort #BhushangadFort #KamalgadFort #AjinkyataraFort

Apart from these beautiful forts there are many more thing explore. Special related to nature.

#KoynaWildlifeSanctuary is situated in satara, looks beautiful in monsoon.
#Kaas with full bloom colorful flowers is the eye pleasing sight to behold & Satara to Kaas route is one of the best picturesque journey in #Maharashtra
There is a pond named Kumudini that bears lotus flowers.
We were gone crazy on this route after seeing such a picturesque views
Next day to #Sangli, and it very small city and the #culture and the beauty of this place totally different from other cities of Maharashtra.
Very simple living style, very humble and helpful.
Leaving with some more pics
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