Labour Leader @Keir_Starmer will have to rebuild trust with the nations, regions, and towns across the UK who fell to other parties during the 2019 election.

@DeHavilland looks at Sir Keir’s support-base in Parliament, through geography… (1/6)
He enjoys relatively broad support from MPs across the UK, notably in the South West, Wales, and Yorkshire.

However, Sir Keir’s support from MPs representing seats in the North and Midlands, areas Labour must win back, is lower than average… (2/6)
…although there were more MPs as a whole in said regions to support Sir Keir.

His support as a proportion, against all the other candidates initially fielded, remained consistently strong however, but it remained weaker in those Northern and Midland areas. (3/6)
Interestingly, the city/town divide so often discussed seems missing in the variation of support for the new Labour Leader.

There is little variation in the total level of support he received from MPs whether they represented a city or a village… (4/6)
…although it would seem there are only 3 Labour MPs who actually represent a village. (5/6)
Sir Keir has admitted he has a mountain to climb for Labour were to win the next general election.

But despite the variation in support among MPs, particularly in regions previously lost, it would seem the PLP are (relatively) united around the new leader. (6/6)
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