#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong 38

They OverCame him By the Word of Their Testimony
Part 1

There is power in our testimonies
There is life we have to share with others

As we continue down this rabbit hole
I would like to share the life story of @_00111111_ along side of mine
We shall call him THINK
In previous SBFIS threads you have seen his poems
Your heart has been touched by his words
I want you to see how vast this System is
How the enemy has worked to yoke so many under oppression
And to hold them captive with tethers of bondage
THINK's story brings out aspects of the Catholic Jesuit and Kabbalah departments of the Illuminati System

He did not experience the abuse that my training partner and I experienced

But he did experience the lure of dark knowledge that led him down a road of spiritual captivity
I love Think's words
They bring out the elements of beauty in serving the Lord
Yet, always the hidden evil alluring the soul
THINK was born & baptized into a strong Catholic family
At age 7 he entered into service unto the Lord & Church as an altar boy and continued till age 17
What does an alter boy do?
What is it like to minister unto the Lord?

(In comments I have included the story of another altar boy)

The rest of this thread will be in THINK's own words as he shares the beginnings of his story
Altar boys are the ones who
Assist the Priest on the altar
Carrying crucifix in the procession
Hold the Bible while Priests read
Ring bells and hoist of Eucharist, incense, the altars, and pews
We sat next to priests on altar with one off to side who rang bells and brought...
...out Eucharist and blood (communion cup) for the blessing
We wore robes
I never was abused
I grew up on military bases so the priests were Chaplains and officers
Just the best of the best
I didn't go to Catholic school
I liked holding the Bible and the incense part

Honestly, this might have been the most impactful part of my life

We spent an hour before each mass with the Priest in the Sanctum watching him prepare the Eucharist and all his robes
The thing people don't understand about Catholic Mass
It is essentially a ritual recreation of the Last Supper

What a beautiful picture

Everything done, replicating those last moments in the Lord's Presence before He gave His life away for our sins
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