cw: degrad, sexy time

Bkg is an erotic ASMRtist. His pseudonym? Ground Zero. And his biggest fan? Shitty Deku.

Everybody goes fucking crazy for his low, raspy voice as he growls dirty shit into his mic.

He gets fanboy Deku off without fail every time.
After class every day, the college student slips into bed, puts in his earbuds, and gets off to Ground Zero degrading him.

"You're fucking worthless," the man groans, "'cept for when you're taking this cock. You like that? Course you do."
Deku can only moan, scarred fingers slick with lube as they pump in and out of his asshole.

"You know why?"

"'Cause... cause I'm your dirty little whore," Deku whimpers.

"...Cause you're my dirty little whore."

Deku's listened to this one every night since it was posted.
He comments on every upload of his, hoping Ground Zero sees, knows just how much Deku lusts after him.

But Deku knows his adoration is wasted. There's no way Ground Zero would notice him, let alone be gay.

After one particularly hardcore recording, Deku comments again.
Ground Zero had spent the recording talking about all the ways he was going to dominate the listener. Tie them up, blindfold and gag them, leave them entirely powerless beneath him while he /hurt/ them.

And Deku came harder than he'd ever come before in his life.
He wanted Ground Zero to hurt him. Growl those humiliating words into his ear as Deku sobbed, his asshole burning at the stretch of the massive toys Ground Zero described punishing his listeners with.

After his completion, Deku typed beneath, "you make my cock so hard i cry."
About the same as any other comments of his. Maybe a bit different. Perhaps he'd never mentioned he had a cock before. But whatever the reason, his comment must have caught Ground Zero's eye, because a few minutes later he received a direct message from the man.
"Why don't you show me that pathetic cock of yours then?"

Deku could only stare at the message, mouth agape as he wondered if this was really the man plaguing all his wet dreams. He sat there for at least twenty minutes, worrying his bottom lip.
Should he do it? Why in the world would Ground Zero hit him up for nudes?

And what if... what if he thought Deku was ugly? Or didn't like his scrawny body or his modest cock? Deku wasn't anything to look at.

But.. the idea that Ground Zero was interested in him at all...
That gave him at least enough courage to take the pic, or one hundred. Eventually, he begrudgingly settled on one.

A mirror pic, in nothing but his biggest, most comfortable sweater. One hand held it up over his collarbone, exposing him from his nipples all the way down.
The photo showed just how tiny he was, with hints of baby fat rounding him out around his hips to keep the bones from jutting out. He could never really bulk up.

The tiny curve of his tummy led perfectly into the neatly trimmed hair above his cock.
Usually he liked the look, but a part of him worried that Ground Zero might not be into his body hair.

Then there was his cock, entirely erect at the thought of Ground Zero seeing his naked body yet still not amounting to much. Deku wasn't even average-sized.

But still...
He had to shoot his shot. So he did. He sent the pic.

And he waited. Hours passed, and he paced over the floorboard of his apartment, breathing heavy as his anxiety overtook him.

What if Ground Zero just left him on read? What if he thought Deku was ugly?
He knew he was too tiny. He should have tried harder to bulk up. No man would go for him when he looks like this.


The tiny noise rang out from his phone. It... it was Ground Zero.

Deku slowly opened the message, tears pricking his eyes as he anticipated his rejection.

"HUH?" Deku squawked. Ground Zero's reply was nothing he could have imagined.

"Fuuuck. I want to break that pretty little twink bod of yours. Tear your ass up til that worthless little cock of yours is weeping for me."

Deku was one part humiliated and two parts horny.
And most of the horny came from the humiliation.

Before Deku could recover from his reeling, dots reappeared in the messenger bar, indicating that Ground Zero was typing again.


An image loading.

And loading.


And there it was. A majestic beast, a behemoth that could only be belong to a god among men.

That is to say, a huge fucking schlong.

Probably the biggest Deku had ever seen. Except for on horses. He'd seen those once or twice.
It was a simple dick pic. Deku could only see below Ground Zero's navel and some of his thighs, but he could tell the man was fit. And blond, if that neat trail of hair above his cock was anything to go by.

Deku was still gaping when his phone pinged again.

Deku scrambled to reply with something, anything.

"It's very nice"


"A very hefty penis, thank you"

... Deku felt fucking stupid. For all the books he read and articles he wrote, he couldn't construct a coherent and sexy response. Ground Zero could do way better.

"Lmao fucking nerd. Snap?"

"I need to see that pretty boyhole."


"What. The. Fuck." Deku wheezed.

His fingers moved before he could stop them.



"Lol loser."

The insult didn't even burn anywhere besides Deku's loins.
If Ground Zero didn't add him on Snap, at the very least he could print out that dick pic at Kinkos and sleep with it under his pillow every night.

But sure enough, another notification came in.

This time? Snapchat.

"ExplodoMurder added you!"
"Well," Deku thought, "that sounds on-brand."

He promptly added him back and was almost immediately greeted with a video message from the most devastatingly cruel looking man he'd ever seen.

Riotous blond hair. Blood-red eyes. And sharp white teeth framed by a malicious sneer.
He was everything Deku imagined and more.

"Something fucking sexy about your nerdy ass, Deku, baby. Now turn around and show it to me."

The face matched the voice and it absolutely /destroyed/ him. He would do anything this man asked of him.
He would lap his dirty feet clean with his tongue. This man could hurl insults at Deku about his mother and he'd thank him for any flecks of spit that landed on him during the tirade.

How could he /not/ show Ground Zero his ass?

It was just a simple pic.
He pulled that comfy sweater up again, this time holding it in his mouth. One hand spread his cheeks just enough for his hole to peek out, the other gripping the phone as he strained to take the pic in the mirror without showing his face.

It worked for the most part.
A shock of his green hair still showed in the photo, but it otherwise did a good job of anonymously showing off Deku's body.

Just a moment passed before another video message arrived.

"Mmm," Ground Zero groaned. "I wanna stretch that fuckhole. Now show me that pretty face."
Deku really thought he was smarter than this. More immune to the charms of the average fuck boy. Knew better than to send face pics with his nudes to anyone.. especially random guys from the internet.

But this was Ground Zero. And Deku was nothing if not obedient to him.
So he took the selfie. Nothing fancy. Just him, his hair disheveled, lips quirked up in a nervous smile, giant sweater hanging off his shoulder to show off his collarbone.


"Knew you were pretty. C'mon, now. Talk to me, baby. Your name Deku?"

He recorded his response.
Whatever Ground Zero wanted.

"Um, Izuku. But my friends call me Deku. Some of them."


"Deku's fucking cute. I like that. I'm Katsuki."

Shit. What was Deku supposed to say now? Katsuki probably wanted another video message.
"Nice to meet you, Katc-Kats- uh- Kacchan-" He really needed to delete tha-

Oh, of course. He accidentally sent it.

"Haha, I think I like Kacchan even better than daddy, to be honest. Fuck, baby boy. You're too cute..." His tone put Deku at ease.
But then his eyes darkened, and his voice lowered as he growled, "I wanna fucking wreck you."

Deku shivered, cock still hard and cool in the open air of his apartment. He was in uncharted territory.


"I... I want you to wreck me. I'd do anything.. anything you want."
Izuku waited, painful moments passing as he stared at his screen.


Katsuki had opened his video message, but there was still no reply. It'd been several minutes.

He was starting to feel that familiar anxiety creep in again, telling him maybe he'd said the wrong thing.

Oh, thank god. Deku knew he was worrying over nothing. He just needed to get it under control. Act cool. Katsuki probably did stuff like this every day. He shouldn't get too invested... or flustered.

But Katsuki made that hard.

He opened Katsuki's video message.
"Oh, my god," Deku choked.

He stood in front of a mirror, stance wide like the world belonged to him, thick muscled thighs framing that formidable cock.

And his stomach... his, his arms. Every part of his tall body looked so hard and strong. And he could see all of it.
And that man, the one he found so evilly sexy.. was pumping his cock to the thought of Deku.

It was unreal.

"Shit, Deku. You see what you did to my cock? So hard it /hurts/," Katsuki groaned, tugging it down low so Deku could watch it bounce back up from how hard it was.
"Why don't you kiss it with that pretty mouth and make it better?"

"Oh, no," Deku whined, fingers already ghosting over the sticky tip of his cock. He was leaking. "Um.."

He took another picture to buy him some time.
A cutesy pic from up high, showcasing his soft face and a downward view that complemented his bare milky thighs.

"What do you want me to do?"


And then Deku sprinted to his closet, ripping open his box of toys and lube and whatever else he ever used to get off.
Katsuki was used to performing as Ground Zero. Deku? Deku wasn't a performer. The few times he fucked he tried to do it so the other person saw as little of him as possible. Deku was shy, anxious... the exact opposite of Katsuki.

And he /knew/ Katsuki wanted a performance.
God, his anxiety was tying his stomach in knots, and not the good kind. He had to impress Katsuki. He didn't have the experience or body, so he had to find /some/ way to do it. His cock had gone half-mast just from how much pressure he felt to live up to Katsuki's expectations.
Surely he had something in there Katsuki would like. Um, maybe his big dildo? Oh, but he'd have to stretch his ass out again, it'd been a few hours.

He had a pill vibe he used on his cock head sometimes. Katsuki might like that!

Or maybe he didn't need a toy. He could just--

Deku snatched his phone off the floor and anxiously opened the video message.

To the head of Katsuki's cock directly in front of the camera and labored breathing grating through the speakers.

"All I want... is for you to take this fucking load, Deku."
The camera abruptly shifted, moving to show Katsuki pumping it above the sink, his chest and hips visible in the mirror.

"Ahh, yeah. Fuck, take it," he groaned, cock spilling into the bowl as spurt after spurt of come burst from him.

"Shit, shit, shit," he heaved.
End of message.


Deku hadn't even processed the last message before he mindlessly opened the next one.

Katsuki had the camera facing him again as he flopped into a chair and sighed.

"Damn, I needed that. Can't believe I found such a cute thing to get me off."
That... that was it? Deku didn't have to do anything?

If this were one of Katsuki's recordings, he would feel disappointed it wasn't longer. Katsuki lasts way longer than that.

But he was mostly relieved. He didn't have to do anything else.
He could file this away as a special memory for his spank bank and take pride in the fact he didn't completely embarrass himself.


"Did you come?"

Deku sent another face snap, a strained half smile.

"Yeahhh, it was amazing," he typed.
It was true. He did come earlier that day to Katsuki. He was just too nervous to get it up again.

Sheesh, now Deku understood why they said never meet your heroes. Except Katsuki wasn't the disappointing one. He was disappointing himself. He couldn't even properly enjoy it.

"You're kinda shy, huh?" Katsuki asked off-handedly, mussing his hair with one hand. A quiet moment passed. "Where you from, Deku?"

That was easy enough to answer. He didn't take another picture, just typed into the chat bar.


Another video message. Katsuki scoffed. "No, shit. Where in Japan, nerd-boy?"

Deku's face heated. Why did it feel so good when Katsuki called him names? And such juvenile ones, too.

"Musutafu," he replied.

Another long moment passed, silent save for Deku's nervous breaths.

"Hooooly shit," Katsuki laughed, a grin splitting his face. "That's insane. You know we're in the same city, right?"

He didn't know that.

"Wow," Deku chatted back dumbly. He very well could have seen Katsuki around without knowing.
The man who made him come every night was somewhere in this city, his come sloshing with Deku's and everyone else's in the intricate communal sewage system.

Deku wondered what in hell was wrong with himself.

"Come on, Deku," he muttered to himself. "Say something, you dummy."

No video message this time. Just chat again.

"text me and I'll show you my hefty dick for real boy XXX-XXX-XXXX"



There was no way Deku could meet up with Katsuki.

No fucking way. He would embarrass himself. Katsuki would see what a loser he was.
There's no way he'd like him when he saw him in person, saw how scrawny and weak he was, heard him stuttering and mumbling like a weirdo.

No way. Deku would have to pass. He'd just continue being a fan. A fan with a very special sexy, intimate memory of Ground Zero's body.
And yet... Deku held down the message, saving it in his chat log.

He'd never actually hit Katsuki up...

But there was something nice about just knowing he had it. It made him feel special, special in a way his academic achievements never could.

He felt wanted. Sexy. Good.

Deku didn't call him. He didn't text him. He let the number sit in his chat logs, phone burning a hole in his pocket as he tried to concentrate on class and not the knowledge that Katsuki was somewhere in this city and willing to give him the sex he'd fantasized about.
He'd be happier if he left things as they were. On a positive note, where he satisfied Katsuki and he didn't have to live with the memory of being rejected by him or disappointing him.

Deku hunkered down instead on his work. He sat in his tiny graduate office and scribbled.
He was able to focus for the most part, jotting notes to fill pages in his journals and reading through so many articles his head spun. At the very least, maybe this need for a distraction would help him get a paper out or something.
Sad that he was now using academia to distract himself from the thing he initially used to help distract himself from academia.

Even so, when he dragged himself home every night, he still pulled up that page and let that voice wash over him until he spilled on his tummy.
Why would tonight be any different?

He tugged off his clothes, underwear and all, and threw them in the hamper, throwing on another oversized sweater that reached mid-thighs. Might as well get comfortable.

Deku stacked up his pillows to make a cushion against the headboard.
Putting in his headphones, he pulled up the Ground Zero page to find that a new recording was posted. Just that day, too.

"Punishing your worthless ass - non-asmr"

Deku could already feel the blood plumping up his meager cock at the title alone.
He knew this one would really do a number on him.

But still, it was weird it wasn't ASMR. ASMR was Ground Zero's thing. He never did just regular recordings. It was always those breathless raspy whispers and other unholy sounds. This was not on-brand at all.
But Deku was definitely all about it. His dick was already standing at attention, its Pavlovian response to anything resembling degradation- and the thought of Ground Zero alone. He knew he was about to be humiliated by that sexy voice..

...that belonged to that cruel man...
...with the malicious smile--
"No!" Deku scolded himself. "Just be a regular fan."

He had to stop thinking about that night or that voice would return, breathing down his neck and begging him to hit Katsuki up, beg him to use him for anything.

Taking a deep and steadying breath, Deku pressed play.
He can hear Ground Zero's breathing before anything is said, a heavy sigh into the mic.

"You know," Katsuki spoke, his full voice a contrast to his typical whispers, "I've been thinking it over... how I'm gonna do this recording this week."'
"I know you nasty sluts come here to relax.. to listen to me say dirty shit in your ears.

And I can do that today. But I can't whisper it, cause I'm fucking pissed.

I'm pent up.


And today's gonna be about me getting off, because you? You've been /worthless/."
Deku shivered. Ground Zero had definitely spoken like this before, but it was whispered. That gravelly voice of his was so much more intimidating when it wasn't just whispers ghosting into his ears.

Katsuki sounded brutal, more brutal than he looked, and it had Deku aching.
"I thought you were gonna give me what I needed... let me pin down that tiny body and fuck that sweet ass.

But now?

...I'm not gonna give you a chance.

I gave you a fucking chance. I put the ball in your court, baby.

Was gonna play by your rules, do this on your time.
Well, time's up, bitch.

I always get what I want.

And today I'm gonna fucking take it.

I don't give a damn if you scream... if you cry..

Hell," he chuckled darkly, "I'd like it a whole lot better if you did cry.

Show me how sorry you are for disappointing me.
How much the stretch of my cock burns."

"And," his voice dipping into a low growl, "how fucking good it feels when I breed that ass."

"Huh?" he mocked, voice sweet. "Does that sound good, baby?"

A malicious laugh bubbled out again. "Well, I don't give a fuck if it sounds good.
I don't give a fuck if you're wailing in pain.

You're worthless, you hear me?


The only thing you're good for is taking my cock.

And your value?

Depreciating. And you did that. It's your fault.

You're damn lucky I'm even considering touching you."
Deku couldn't breathe, hanging onto Ground Zero's every word. He had never, never heard anything like this.

So demeaning.. so cruel.. so selfish...

But for some reason, his small cock was weeping for it. His eyes pricked at the intensity of his heightening arousal.
Katsuki was promising pain and degradation... so why was he so positively horny for it?

His face burned with shame, but he couldn't bring himself to stop the recording. He needed it more than the air he'd stopped breathing.

You're not gonna touch me.

Your hands are tied to the headboard.

Your legs are tied back to your thighs."

Deku could put his hands up pretty easily, but he was having trouble with his legs.

It... it hurt, but Katsuki told him to, so he sat on his knees, leaning back.
When his back touched the bed, he groaned. Still, he reached his arms back behind him to rest against his headboard.

"Hmm? What's that?

It makes your thighs burn..?"

That cruel laugh again.

"Good. Better get used to pain. Tonight is only gonna get worse for you."
Ground Zero heaved another loud sigh.

"Fuckkkkk... I can just see you like that, baby. All roped up, just for me. Mmm...

So weak and defenseless.

Nothing you can do to stop me.

Because you're weak.


Can't even get yourself out of these ties.
And the most pathetic thing about you?

That you like it. You like that you're weak. You like that you can do nothing to protect yourself from me.

That I'm bigger.



Better than you.

And I could destroy you like you're nothing."
Deku gasped, hips jutting slightly as his words went straight to his cock. Everything he was saying... it felt like he was peering deep into Deku's darkest, most depraved thoughts.

And he was right. Deku was pathetic. And he did get off on Ground Zero calling him out on it.
Got off on knowing Katsuki could destroy him easily.

"Because you are nothing.

You're just a hole. A pretty, useless little hole whose only purpose is to get me off.

And that's an honor for you. You'd spend your whole life as my toilet if I asked, wouldn't you?"
A breath. Just a tiny moment passed, Deku's throat painfully dry.

"Yeah," Deku breathed, "Please, Kacchan."

"That's my good little whore."


"But I'm going to hurt you."


"Because you deserve it."


"And you're mine to do whatever the fuck I want with.

Deku whimpered.


"You like it when I slap those tears off your face?"


"Fuck, I can't tell if it's red from my handprints or from your blubbering, you worthless crybaby."

Deku was crying. Sobbing, in fact. With his hands on the headboard, he could do nothing but whine as his cock throbbed between his legs, desperate for touch. But Katsuki said he was tied up. He couldn't move.

"Oh..." Ground Zero cooed, "shhh, shhh, shhh... It's okay."
"I'm not gonna leave any marks, honey...

Yeah, I know it hurts, but it should be gone in a few days."

Then that gravelly darkness returned with a vengeance.

"But the memory? You're gonna remember this forever.

You're gonna remember how much it hurt when you let me down."
He whispered, "And you did this to yourself."

Chills ran through Deku.

"You could've had me any way you wanted.

Now you're gonna have me like this.

I'm gonna straddle that head of yours...

and I'm gonna fuck that pretty whore mouth."
Deku felt Katsuki's low groan vibrate through his body, sending heat to his core.

"Shiiitttt..." Katsuki growled. "I don't know why...

...but it feels so much better when I'm your face."

Squelching noises filled the mic, as if Katsuki really was fucking his face.
Was he jerking off? God, with that massive dick...

"Sure," he mused darkly, "it's nice to watch you worship my cock, but I like gagging you with it so much better."

Squelch, squelch.

"Mmmm, you look so pretty with all that spit running down your face.
That filthy, disgusting snot.

No one else is ever gonna like you like this, you know?"

Squelch, squelch, squelch - it picked up faster.

"You're so lucky that you have me... to fuck you... to hurt you... I'm too good for you, useless slut."

The squelching abruptly stopped.
"Say it."

A moment passed, Deku's heart pounding in his ears. This was too much, way, way too much.

"You're my useless little slut."

"I," Deku cried, "I'm your useless little slut."

"That's my good whore."

And then it resumed, loud and fast in Deku's ear.
Each thrust was punctuated by the sound of Katsuki's growling moans, utterances of "whore," and "take it."

Deku's cock /burned/ between his thighs. His muscles clenched and unclenched, and he watched his painfully hard member twitch between his legs, desperate for relief.
But then those squelching noises stopped again, the feedback from Katsuki's labored breathing in the mic all Deku could hear.

"On your stomach," he ordered, still huffing, "you can untie your legs but keep your arms on the headboard."
Deku was relieved to finally unfold his legs and roll over...

But also for the friction of his comforter against his weeping cock. He had to try so hard just to still his hips to keep himself from coming too soon. He needed to last.

"You probably noticed..."
"I'm hell-bent on fucking you today. But it's gonna be a bit different.

I'm gonna take that ass."

He bit his pillow, groaning as he worked to keep his hips still.

"Yeah, you feel me sitting on your thighs... my fat cock rubbing against your little asshole?"
"Mmmm," he groaned, voice changing to a whisper, "and you're gonna take all of it. Every. Last. Inch."

Deku's breathing was labored as he tried his best not to come. He eventually just lifted his hips off the bed, ass up as his cock dangled in the cool air above the mattress.
He would not come early, damn it.

"God, I can tell you're tight just from running my fingers over your rim. You're gonna break my dick if you squeeze it that tight.

But... I don't have time to loosen you up."

The image of that terrible cock flashed into Deku's mind.
There was no way that cock would even make it past his rim without any lube, let alone without loosening it. He would tear up Deku's insides...

Yet Deku was so aroused, his disbelief so suspended, that the thought of Katsuki ruining his guts had him whimpering weakly.
"I'm gonna break you with this cock."

"Please," Deku whined, hips gyrating in the air, begging for some sensation, "I... I need it."

"You're never gonna fucking recover.

You hear me?"

Deku could hear him get closer to the mic.

"You feel that thick cock head?"
"Pressing up on that tight hole?"


"Aww, you're scared? You want some lube?" he cooed. "Looks like we're out."

And then with a growl, Deku heard that familiar squelching sound.

"Too. Fucking. Bad.

You're. Gonna. Take it."

Deku could feel it --
The ghost sensations of being filled, remembering what it was like to take something so deep inside him.

He imagined it was Katsuki's cock, trying to imagine the immense pain he'd be feeling from it, and the thought had his thighs shaking. He could barely hold himself up.
"Oh, fuckkk," Katsuki groaned. "Your ass is milking my cock so good. Shitttt...."

"Hah," he breathed, "And you /fucking/ love it. You love me breaking your /pathetic/, puny little body."

The thrusts grew faster - harder. Deku's hips dipped lower.
He couldn't stop, grinding the length of his throbbing cock against the comforter. He.. he couldn't last much longer.

"You are /never/," the man growled, "/never/ going to recover from this. This is /mine/, understand?"

"I'm gonna bruise this ass 'til you open that pretty mouth and /answer/ me.




There was a pause, but there was no silence, the air of Deku's room filled with the sounds of his moans as his hips humped his comforter, chasing relief.


"Say it."
"My - my ass is yours," Deku stuttered, sobbing as tears wet his pillowcase. "Oh, oh, Kacchan."

"So, so, good for me," Katsuki murmured, thrusts slowing.

"Now, here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna come inside you.

I'm gonna empty everything I have deep in your guts.
I'm gonna burn your insides with my seed."

"Ohhhh," Deku wept, hips shaking as he felt himself getting close. It hurt, it throbbed so hard it /hurt/.

"I'm gonna be dripping out of you for days," he snarled. "And every moment.



You're going to remember.
I own you.

Every inch of your worthless body.

Inside and out.

That racing little mind of yours.

It's all /mine/."

"So, now," Katsuki groaned, "I'm going to come inside you.

Nnnghn, god."

He kept growling, snarls growing louder and louder.
Deku couldn't keep quiet either. It was upon him, his body seizing up, a high and long keen bleating into his pillow as his cock twitched and spilled spurt after spurt of come onto his comforter.

"Yeah? That sound good?" Katsuki huffed as Deku's leg shook, giving out under him.
"Well, here it comes."

The thrusts stopped abruptly.





"Oh, FUCK," he snarled, "Shit, take it!"

He growled into the mic, over and over as he spent himself onto whatever it was he was doing this on.
Deku couldn't care. He was /gone/. There was nothing left of him. His limbs were jello, eyes half-lidded, and his pillow and blanket both wet from either tears or jizz.

He was a sloppy, sated mess.

Katsuki was breathing heavy into the mic, still recovering himself.
"God damn," he laughed. "So good for me. Glad you let me try something different this time.

Been thinking about you every fucking day and felt like I was going crazy.

I just needed to let it all out."

Another sigh. Geez, Katsuki really must have been having a rough week.
He couldn't help but wonder if he was actually talking about a real person or if this was just an act, like everything else. It felt so sincere.

Izuku really truly felt like Katsuki was talking to him, and it was both exhilarating and terrifying. However...
Certainly Katsuki had already forgotten about Deku. He was nothing memorable.

That thought had Deku himself sighing. They both were having it rough.

"You're so fucking sexy.

I promise I'll be good to you."

Deku was sure he would be good. Too good for him.
"So why don't you give me a chance to fuck you this good sometime?"

Deku groaned, begrudgingly lifting himself up to clean up the gross mess he'd made, one headphone slipping out of his ear.

But then he froze.

Just five words had him freezing.
"So, how about it, nerd?"

And that was the recording.

It ended just like that.


Deku... he...

/Deku/ was a nerd.

Yes, him!

He was a big nerd. The /biggest/ nerd. He'd gotten swirlies for it up until high school, been shoved in trash cans.
If anyone was a nerd, it was him!

Maybe... maybe, Deku was the nerd.

At the same time... he felt really fucking stupid.

On the one hand... of course he was the nerd. Katsuki had called him a nerd when they spoke, expressed interest in brutally fucking him.
But on the other hand, Deku was literally himself. He wouldn't fuck himself. It'd be wishful thinking that Ground Zero did a whole recording thinking about battering Deku into a come-soaked mess.

Still, though...


Deku picked up his phone.
Before he could talk himself out of it, he opened up Katsuki's contact.

New message.

And he typed.


Typed again.



"Well, this is as good as it's gonna get," he sighed, staring at his message.

"hi... it's deku"

He sent.
Deku waited a long time again. In all fairness, he’d done the same to Katsuki.

Still, though… as the days passed by, he felt more and more nervous. Maybe he’d entirely misinterpreted things and Katsuki hadn’t been talking about him at all.
Worse, maybe he’d forgotten about him and just ignored the text.

That’s what it seemed like anyway as Izuku sat in the relative privacy of his office, plucking away at his computer while he tried to focus his energy on his research.
Focusing was hard when he was stuck in those cycles of perseveration. As much as he tried, as rational and intelligent as he was, he couldn’t use any of his strengths to help break him from the anxiety that so often held him hostage.
He hated feeling so weak, so helpless… so neurotic. He tried to will away the tears that always bubbled to the surface when his thoughts strayed this way. He was ashamed of himself—of the way that he was. And he was ashamed of his shame.
Someone like Katsuki would probably find Deku pathetic… not just on the outside with his scrawniness but on the inside, too. Deku would have to be deluding himself to think someone like Katsuki would even consider pursuing anything with someone as insecure as him.
He laughed, wiping at his eyes to clear away the tears before they could roll down his cheeks. He collapsed back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling as he plead with the universe to trade his brain for one that didn’t torture him so much. God, he was such a crybaby.
So /stupid/. He sighed, slowly sucking in a tremulous breath.

It hurt so bad when he got stuck in these cycles of thinking he wasn’t good enough, where he continually beat himself down.
Yet for some reason… his belly warmed as Katsuki’s face flashed through his mind, the sound of his cruel words…

His face felt /hot/.

Well, at least he didn’t feel that horrible pressure in his chest anymore…

Rather, it was that pleasant heat coiling in his tummy.
He still had his memories, huh? He’d decided to shoot his shot, and it didn’t work out, but he always had that special interaction with him and the countless recordings to revisit. He would make that enough… somehow.
But now it wasn’t tears he had to contend with.
Now it was the tiny flame of arousal that flash of Katsuki’s voice ignited in him. Deku laughed, following up with a long groan.

“Aghhh, why am I like this?”

He just had to work through it.

It’d subside eventually.

Deku pulled his phone out and swiped to unlock.

And fucking choked.

A text.


“liked my latest upload huh?”

Well, now his whole body was hot.

Sweaty, in fact.


“it was nice”

He frowned.

“real nice”


“lol shut up nerd.”



“actually fuck it”


“What the fuck?” Deku squeaked, nearly jumping out of his chair.

Katsuki was /calling/ him.

“Hello?” he yelped.
“Knew you’d answer,” that deep voice said back, “though I can’t help but wonder why it took you so long to text me.”
Deku wouldn’t have answered if he’d anticipated this sort of probing. Shouldn’t have answered anyway. Shit.

“I was,” he started, trailing off, “um, I was busy. Sorry, Kac-Kacchan.”

“Fuck, that little name,” Katsuki groaned appreciatively, but not to be deterred, he continued.
“But.. you weren’t too busy to hit me up the other night.”

“Oh,” Deku said. “I just happened to have a moment then.”

“After you got off to the thought of me fucking you to pieces.”

A strange keen left the smaller man, eyes darting to his closed door.
He was at work… but his penis didn’t care.

“…Yeah, yeah, I did,” Deku admitted, “But I’m at work, so…”

“Want me to get you off?”

Well, looks like Katsuki didn’t care either. He and Deku’s penis were on the same side.
“N-no, I really,” Deku stammered, “really don’t, Kacchan.” What on earth was this man thinking? Was he absolutely crazy? As much as Deku liked jerking off to his voice, he couldn’t live and breathe Katsuki all the time. He had to /work/. “Is… is there a reason you called?”
His answer was a breathy laugh. “Mm.. I called ‘cause I wanted to finally hear you come for me.”

“Don’t you have a /job/?” Deku squawked before he could stop himself, anxiety and boner ratcheting up far too high.
Another laugh, the fullness of this one tickling Deku’s eardrums and dragging a tiny self-satisfied smile out of him. He was in the god damned danger zone, but he couldn’t help feeling a small amount of pride. He’d… he’d made Katsuki laugh.

“Today’s my day off,” the man said.
Izuku could hear the smile in his voice, and some of his stress melted away. Katsuki seemed pleased with him. He continued, “What do you do?”

“Oh. I’m a graduate student,” Deku replied. “I do research.”

“Got your own office then, nerd boy?”

“Sure you don’t want me to get you off?”

Deku couldn’t help the giggle that bubbled out of him, dispelling more of his nerves. “Kacchan! No!”

“If you fucking say so,” Katsuki sighed.
But then he did that thing, made his voice sound like it does in his recordings, “I’ll work you over later then. Take my time to get you nice and ready for me.”

A high-pitched whimper escaped him before he could even try to stop it.
His arousal had never ceased, increasing with every minute of the conversation. His cock was now fully erect in his khakis, saluting the diploma hanging on his office wall. He was sorry, Chancellor. He really was.

“Would you like that… Deku?”
It was like getting his own private recording when Katsuki was talking to him like that, whispering his name in that horrible, horrible voice that had him leaking sticky stuff in his underwear.

Come on, Deku, he thought. Think of your research. Your mentor. Your mom.
The sound of the undergrads in the lab on the other side of the fucking wall. Come on, Deku!

“Fuck,” Deku muttered. “Yeah… I want it.”
His other hand fell to cup at the bulge in his uncomfortably tight pants.
“So, I guess we’ll talk later?” Katsuki trailed off, and Deku could hear that cruelty in his voice. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“Please,” Izuku whined. He could already feel a wet spot on the front of his pants. So embarrassing… but it only made him harder.
“What do you want, Deku?” Katsuki breathed.

“I… I just…”

“I can’t give it to you if you won’t tell me.”

“Just,” Deku begged, “Please, just help me.”

“Help you what?”

This was too much.
Katsuki was asking too much of him too fast. He wanted to stop, to run all the way back to his bedroom and rock himself through every wave of the impending shame… but it felt… it felt so good.

“Help.. help me come,” Deku sobbed. “Please, Kacchan.”

“Good boy.”
Just two short words, but they sent a shiver straight through him. He was trying to breathe normally, hoping Katsuki couldn't hear how much he was affecting him.

But he knew he could. Of course Katsuki knew. He was surely reveling in it.

"I'll help you come," he promised.
"Are you touching yourself?"

"Not really," Deku replied, removing his hand from the wet front of his pants.

"Good. Stay that way. Now put your hands on the desk."

Oh, shit. This was really happening. This was surely some conduct violation.

But Deku did as he was told.
He grabbed his headphones out of the drawer and switched to Bluetooth before setting his phone down, laying his hands on the desk as asked.

"Deku," Katsuki breathed, tone scolding, "Answer me when I'm talking to you."
"O-okay," Deku stammered.

"Say yes."

"Um, yes."

"Yes, what?"

"I don't understand..." Deku said, and Katsuki sighed in answer.

"What am I to you, Deku?"

Well, that was a loaded question if ever there was one. Katsuki was everything he shouldn't be to Deku.
He was the thing he looked forward to most at night. The thing that relieved his anxiety... well, for the most part. Now he was the thing that kept him awake at night worrying about a text back.

Katsuki commanded Deku's penis and probably every other part of him.
Deku didn't even have to think about that one as he sat there with his hands on the desk, cock weeping in his pants as he tried to focus on the man on the phone instead of every footstep he heard coming from the hallway.

Deku was practically Katsuki's puppet, a fool for him.
"I... I don't.." Deku trailed off, unsure how to respond in a way that didn't make him sound crazy.

"What are you gonna call me, Deku?"

"... Ka... Kacchan..?"

He heard Katsuki exhale through the phone, something vaguely resembling a sigh.
"Mmm... yeah, I'll be your Kacchan, little boy. Now, what do you say when Kacchan tells you to do something?"

Ohhhh... Deku was kind of catching on now.

"Yes, Kacchan."

"Such an obedient boy for me. You gonna keep up this good behavior?"
"Yes, Kacchan."

"Perfect," Katsuki growled.

It was silent for a moment after that, a long pause where all Deku could do was sweat and feel the blood continually plumping up his sad excuse for a cock. He imagined Katsuki calling it that and whimpered as it throbbed.
"But you haven't been perfect lately. You heard my last recording. You know you made me very... very angry."

Deku breathed shakily, excitement sending tremors through his body. Katsuki sounded so threatening, and it had his core clenching, desperate for some stimulation.
"Now I'm going to tell you something, Deku," Katsuki said, his voice no longer that quiet erotic whisper.

No, in fact, it was /venomous/. Smooth and controlled, but with a malicious undertone that promised suffering.

"You've got a bit of an attitude," he drawled.
"You think you can do what you want."

"But you're wrong," he whispered.

God, Katsuki was so dynamic. Even in the recordings he had such a range in the way he spoke but... the way he was talking now either had Deku's body tingling or his cock but..

He was also menacing.
"Why are you wrong, Deku?" Katsuki asked.

"I... I don't know."

How was he supposed to come up with any intelligible responses during this when all the blood in his body was being siphoned away to his cock? His brain was barely functioning at this point.

Katsuki tsked.
"So empty-headed, aren't you?" he chided."

"Nnn.." Deku whimpered. How did he respond to that? It.. he didn't want to say bad things about himself. He'd just feel worse.

"I /said/, aren't you?"


"Yes, Kacchan."

"/Yes/, what?"

"...You're right," he murmured.
"I'll see you do better. But until then, I guess I'll have to spoonfeed you. And your greedy little mouth won't be getting any cock today."

"You're going to listen to me this time, and that's all you're gonna do.

Because I'm in control. Of all of you. Every last fucking part.
From your tiny little toes..." he said, "to your pathetic... little.. cock," God, Deku /moaned/, "to that cute face of yours. Mine. All mine."

It... it was true. Just like every other time, Deku could feel himself relenting. He wanted Katsuki to take control.
"Yes..." Deku breathed tentatively, "I'm yours... Kacchan."

"Mm, good boy," Katsuki praised, sending a pleasant heat through Deku's body.

"But sucking up now won't change anything.

You've been a disappointment until now."
Deku's mind was hazy with want, his eyes pricking with tears. Yet somewhere in him he felt a familiar unpleasant ache, but he couldn't focus on it now. He could only focus on Katsuki's voice in his ear.

"I'm sorry, Kacchan."

"Oh," Katsuki cooed, "I'm sure you are.
And it's all gonna be okay.

But not right now.

Tell me, Deku. How hard are you?"

Deku flushed at the question, but he knew he had to answer, wanted to.

"So hard, Kacchan," he answered, cheeks heating even more. "It /hurts/." His muscles clenched and unclenched.
His cock was twitching in his pants, weakly punching at the fabric as his hips shifted uncomfortably.

"'M sure it does. Sure those little hips are squirming for this cock."

A sharp noise punctuated through the line. It took Deku a moment to identify it as a zipper.
"Such a slutty boy for me. So nice and hard for me."

"Yes..." Deku whined, his cock aching and brushing against the seam of his pants. He kept squeezing his muscles, holding his breath as his core tightened.

It was the closest thing he could get to any sort of touch.
His own muscle contractions. And that's all he could do, because Katsuki permitted nothing else. "Kacchan, please..."

"Stay. Put." Katsuki growled.

"You're gonna stay like that. Hear me?"

"Yes, Kacchan," he cried.
"You so much as touch your cock, as soon as I get my hands on you, I'll bruise your twink ass into next year."


"Yes," he sobbed, "Yes, Kacchan."

"Fuck," Katsuki groaned, wet rhythmic sounds drifting through the phone. "Just shut the fuck up, Deku."
He bit his lip, doing his best to contain all his desperate little noises. "God, such a god damned whore for me, aren't you?"

Deku held back his moan, spittle spurting past his lips and dripping down his chin. It was humiliating... it felt so demeaning...

He was /burning/.
"Jesus fuck," Katsuki snarled. "/Answer/ me."

"But-but," Deku sputtered, spit landing on his desk as he hunched over in pained pleasure. He could only imagine how red his cock was. "You-you said.."

"Fucking talk back to me like that and see how it ends for you, Deku."
"Yes.. Yes, Kacchan," Deku sniffled, tears now running down his face. He was so, so confused. He wanted to please the man on the other line, but he was making it so hard.

"You think too much," Katsuki groaned.

Well, Katsuki had that right.
Even now as he teetered on the cusp of oblivion, so close yet so wholly deprived of it, Deku couldn't stop his mind from racing. He was so horny, so ashamed, so anxious about what Katsuki must be thinking of him.

Was he really disappointed in him? Was Deku ruining this?
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Shh," Katsuki hushed, and Deku realized he'd been muttering again. "Slow it down. Don't think. Just listen."

Easier said than done. Still, the way his voice lowered into that calming tone did have his shoulders relaxing a bit, even if his cock wasn't.
"Close your eyes."

"Okay, Kacchan."


"You're a good boy, Deku."


His cock was /burning/. He... he was leaking so much. His hands were fists, nails biting into his palm as he hunched painfully over the desk.

"Such a /good boy/ for me."
Deku didn't know what the fuck was happening with him. Was he bad or was he good? Did it feel better to have Katsuki praising him or hurling insults at him?

Who the fuck knew?

But Deku did know that Katsuki was pushing him full force toward the edge of that cliff.
"You make Kacchan so very happy," Katsuki drawled, that familiar squelching noise starting up again.

"That pretty face, tiny little cock... sweet, sweet fuckhole," Katsuki growled. "And those /whimpers/, fuuuuck..."
Deku keened, back arching as his hips desperately bucked forward.

"You're so fucking /adorable/," Katsuki groaned. "Needy little baby, just for me."

Deku could hear that wet sound speeding up, and his hips tried to keep up...

... but.. but he was getting so tired...
...and he felt so hot, and he was sweating so much.

And his cock, it hurt, it hurt, it /hurt/. He just wanted to touch it, wanted to stop that ache in his core from his muscles clenching so tightly, he needed it, he needed it...

"Aghh, those whines, just begging me..."
"Please," Deku sobbed, tears and snot running down his face. "I need... I need.."

"Shhh, shhh, shhh... I'm gonna let you come, Deku," Katsuki chuckled.

"But listen."

He focused on those words, eyes pinched shut. He... he couldn't...

"You listening?"

"Ahh... ah.. uh huh."
Deku was heaving, barely clinging on. He couldn't believe this was happening, that he was about to... to, just from...

"You're perfect."

"Nnnghh, Ka... agh..." His eyes were wide, panicked, lips mouthing words that he couldn't quite get out..

"My pretty baby."
He... he was..

"Kacchan's good boy."

... /bursting/.

There was nothing left of him.

Mind blank. He was not Izuku... not a student, not a failure. He was just.. Katsuki's.

And it was /liberating/.

Pleasure uncoiled throughout in his body as he felt himself seize.
He distantly felt his cock spurting into his pants, ruining his propriety, heard a keening that he knew in the back of his mind was his.

And as his head fell forward to rest on the desk, sweat wetting his papers, he heard those growls. Those amazing, terrifying growls.
Katsuki was coming, too. Cursing, groaning.

"Fuuuuck, aw, fuck. Deku. Shit... so, so good."

Then there was just heaving. Both of them.

Deku was utterly exhausted. Katsuki had drained him of everything and ruined all of his clothes and he was too blissed out to give a shit.
Deku just let himself lie there, listening to the sounds of both of their breathing calming. It felt good to listen to... he didn't just soil his clothes. He was somewhere nice and safe with Katsuki.

Katsuki sighed. "A screamer, huh?"

"Wait, /what/?"

Never mind.
Deku walked home in a daze. He'd been too exhausted to do much of anything after his phone tryst with Katsuki. He'd stared blankly at the wet papers on his desk, deciding he'd check to see how salvageable they were the next workday.
He had to rifle through his storage in hopes of finding a long sweater or one he could tie around his waist to hide his shamefully ruined pants.

But he didn't feel shame as he walked down the street. Just... warm.

Katsuki had called him perfect... said that Deku was his baby.
It was so different than what he usually heard out of Katsuki in the recordings. He loved the things Katsuki typically said, but this last time was... wow.

It was different, he realized, listening to Katsuki say such cruel things in person and listening to a recording.
In person, it was so much hotter, so much more intense. Katsuki wasn't just talking to anyone, he was talking to /him/.

And in those recordings, Katsuki (most of the time) wasn't talking directly to Deku. Some hypothetical person Deku could pretend to be had done something bad.
But not Deku. And that was why it felt safer, he decided.

When Katsuki was talking straight to Deku, it had been hard for him not to feel like he really had done something wrong... that he really was a disappointment. And he'd accidentally said as much in front of Katsuki.
But Katsuki had.. switched it up. He changed from punishment to saying sweet things to Deku, things that had his cheeks pinking and his thighs brushing uncomfortably.

Sure, no one had ever said such cruel, depraved, sadistic things to Deku before....
... but nobody had said such nice things to him either. He really didn't know how to feel about Katsuki.

All he knew was that he felt good right now. Really, really good.

As soon as he made it through the door of his apartment, he single-mindedly stalked to the bathroom.
He peeled off those disgusting soiled clothes, evidence of what he'd done this afternoon with Katsuki. It'd.. it'd felt so good.

When Deku turned the shower on, he let the cool water pelt his skin for a few minutes. It felt refreshing when he'd been burning up for so long.
His sweat and come washed away from his body as he turned the heat on, and he couldn't stop a hand from skimming over his belly and tangling in the hair beneath his navel.

Katsuki was so sexy. Everything about him was sexy. /He/ was the perfect one.
Deku sighed, drying himself with a towel as he exited the shower. He didn't even bother picking up his soiled clothing off the floor. No, he wanted to get to his room fast.

He wanted to do what Katsuki hadn't allowed him to this afternoon, wanted to listen to that voice again..
... Even if he wasn't quite sure what he wanted it to say.

He spread the towel out on his bed before retrieving some lube and toys to settle beside it and his headphones.

Deku then let himself get comfortable. He wanted it again... and he could take his time now.
He could do it on his own terms, he thought as navigated to Katsuki's page and browsed through recordings.

Yet an increasingly loud part of him rebelled at that idea.

That part didn't really /want/ to do it on Deku's terms.

The thought gave him pause.
Deku wanted to feel important during sex, cared about, protected... he wanted those warm fuzzy feelings...

...but try as he might to deny it, he also wanted to feel wholly and entirely possessed. He wanted to be debased, to be told what to do. He didn't want to have to think.
Deku wanted to become mindless, nothing more than an object. He wanted to belong to someone.

And that's what Katsuki promised.

...A perverted devotion and reverence in his subjugation of Deku, but devotion and reverence all the same. He broke him down into nothingness.
He flayed him open to reveal his insecurities... only to rip them away and refill that space with harsh words that impossibly cultivated a sense of belonging in him.

He didn't have to be a person when Katsuki was talking to him like that. He didn't have to be Deku.
He was just Katsuki's baby boy...

Deku shivered, glassy eyes staring at the recording selections in front of him on the screen.

Deku /was/ fragile... but that didn't stop him from wanting Katsuki to break him.

He... he wanted it now more than ever.
He wanted to be deconstructed into nothing and rebuilt into a vessel whose sole purpose was to pleasure Katsuki. That's what Katsuki did every recording. That's what made them so special.

It wasn't hard to find the recording after that. It /was/ the most recent one.
He found the search bar, typing the title he couldn't forget even if he'd tried:

"punishing your worthless ass - non-asmr"

And then he clicked play, ready to be totally and utterly destroyed.

"Kah... Hah... Kacchan," Deku gasped into his phone, the small device cradled against his ear and pillow.

Katsuki was doing that wonderful thing he did during his recordings - voice less than a whisper, just a ghost of a word, but the consonants popped.
The sound sent delicious tingles through the small man's body. The clicks of Katsuki's tongue, that repetition, was hypnotizing Deku into that intoxicatingly calm yet incredibly aroused state.

Except this wasn't a recording. It was Katsuki himself speaking.
"Are you touching your pretty... little... cock?" Katsuki clicked, the wet sounds of the man's mouth scratching against Deku's ear.

"Mmhmm," Deku hummed, grateful Katsuki couldn't see how red his face was. One hand was sliding over the head of his cock.
His other hand was wrenched behind him, fingers teasing over his hole. Deku didn't know something was going to happen with Katsuki tonight, so he didn't loosen up before hand.

It would've been fine if he was just going to jerk off, but tonight he needed to feel full.
Ever since the time that Katsuki had gotten Deku off at work, the two had been having... phone sex, he supposed. There was no better word for it.

Deku would text Katsuki with an, "Are you busy?" and not too much later he'd receive a call from the man.
The call inevitably ended in his undoing. Katsuki would say those sweet words into the phone, whispering and clicking praises, telling Deku what to do, and like clockwork he'd combust into nothingness. He could hear Katsuki getting off through the line, too.
Knowing that Katsuki was into it, too, made it so much better.


"Such a good boy for me, Deku. My perfect boy."

It wasn't the same. Deku found himself returning to the recording more and more. Even as he felt an overwhelming amount of pleasure, he felt something amiss.
It didn't take him long to realize what it was.

"Nnn, Kacchan," Deku moaned, two fingers playing at the bud of his ass. "Can you..."

"What?" Katsuki clicked. "What, Deku? Tell me what you want."

"I want.."

"You want.. you want... you want...?"

Deku shivered.
He could barely keep his thoughts straight enough to remember he wanted anything more than this. And if telling Katsuki that Deku wanted him to help him get off in his office was embarrassing, this was so much more embarrassing.

But his arousal served as his liquid courage.
How could he succumb to fear when his body had diminished every sense of his but his desire?

He could say it.

He would say it.

"Kacchan... I want you to... mmm... "

"Say it, Deku," Katsuki punctuated. "Say it, Deku. Say it, Deku."

"Will you... will you be... mean to me?"
"Mmm..." Katsuki hummed, voice raising slightly from the ghost breaths to a raspy whisper that had Deku shivering. "You want me to bully you?"

"Uh huh," Deku hiccupped.

"Want me to say all sorts of twisted shit to you and your slutty ass?"

Deku didn't respond to that.
At least not intelligibly. He could only keen, a high and desperate noise. Katsuki's words already had him burning, one part shame and two parts heady arousal.

But even the shame felt good, just like he knew it would.

"Fuck, such a nasty little whore for me, huh?"
"Nnnn.." Deku groaned, finally letting the tip of a finger slip past his sensitive rim.

"Answer me, bitch."

"Yes," Deku hissed, eager to please the man debasing him on the other side of the call.

"Say it."

"I'm," he stuttered, "I'm Kacchan's who-whore."
"Such an obedient fuckhole," Katsuki chuckled, his mirth evident. "So desperate to get used by me."

Deku let his finger slip deeper, a long moan escaping him.

"You fingering your ass?"


"Shut the fuck up. Of course you are, you slut. Think I'm stupid?"
"N-no," Deku stuttered, hips grinding back on his finger as he probed inside to angle toward his prostate. "Kach-ahhh-Kacchan is very... smart."

"Such a suck up for your Kacchan, huh, Deku? Don't worry. You can suck on this cock all you want.

'Course you won't be sucking.
You'll be gagging... helpless while I bruise those tonsils with my fat prick."

"Ohhh," Deku cried as his finger scraped over that sensitive bundle of nerves. He wanted to taste Katsuki's cock so badly. He wanted Katsuki to use him. "Kacchan..."

"You like that, huh?"
Katsuki growled. "You /want/ me to hurt you. Want me to treat you like /shit/. Is that what you want, Deku?

What to be treated like my little fuck doll?"

"Nnnn... Kacchan, please.."


Deku pressed a second finger inside, crooking it alongside the first one.
He groaned, "I want to be your fuckdoll, Kacchan."

A moment of silence passed, save for that familiar squelching on the other line, Deku's tell that Katsuki was getting off on this, too. And then he said it.

"I'm gonna fucking /hurt you/, Deku."

Deku wailed.
His hips were working in overdrive, fucking forward into his hand only to jut back to fuck himself on his fingers. But he kept imagining it was Katsuki. He wanted Katsuki over him. Using him. Hurting him.

"/Shit/, such a /slut/ for me, Deku," Katsuki growled.
The wet noises were picking up speed, Katsuki no doubt pumping himself with more intensity. Deku was in the same boat.

His core was clenched so tight, and he was getting tired again. The arm wrenched behind him to finger his ass was sore from the reach, but he couldn't stop.
It /hurt/, but... he wanted to feel something close to whatever Katsuki would do to him.

"I'm, I'm Kacchan's slut," Deku sobbed. "Kacchan's..."

"Fuck, /yeah/, you are," Katsuki snarled. "And you're gonna take all of this cock. Gonna take all my come.
I'm gonna breed your ass like it's /mine/. 'Cause it /is/ mine.

My pretty little whore. /All mine/."

"Yes, yes, yes," Deku chanted, feeling himself reaching the cusp. He was going to... he was...

"Come for Kacchan."

Deku /wailed/.

His whole body clenched.
His thighs convulsed as his tiny cock spurt over his bedsheets, fingers poised over his prostate as he sobbed his climax.

Katsuki was there, too.

"/Fuck/," he growled. "Just /milking/ my cock. Shit, drink it up, Deku. Take it - take Kacchan's come."
Then they were both gasping again, boneless in the aftermath of their orgasms.

But as they recovered, both were thinking. Considering.

"So," Katsuki said, still catching his breath, "Can you handle this?"

He wanted to. He really wanted to.

"I..." Deku started, "Yeah."
Things entered a strange state of normalcy after that - a strange contentedness.

The phone calls were welcome but also became expected. And hearing Katsuki's voice, although still a rush, didn't make Deku quite as nervous.

It felt like some of the pressure had been removed.
Katsuki hadn't asked him if they could meet up in-person again since the first time he asked, despite alluding to it several times.

As much as the thought excited Deku, it also brought back that same anxiety he had when he first began... whatever this was... with Katsuki.
It was nice to just be depraved with Katsuki over the phone without having to think about what might happen if they were to actually meet.

Their nightly activities felt so far removed from reality. It was like a beautiful extension of the fantasies Deku had painted in his mind.
His phone calls with Katsuki felt safe now, unpredictable in all the right ways and rote in the ones where any variation could hurt him. The way things were right now felt /perfect/.

But even Izuku had those fantasies when they were off the phone. What would it really be like?
How would it feel to actually be touched by Ground Zero? To not just imagine Katsuki doing all those mean, mean things to him but to actually experience them? Deku was certainly afraid, but he knew he truly did want this.

And that's why he told Katsuki before he could handle it.
He knew it would happen again at some point. It was just preparing himself for when it did happen, even though he knew he probably could never prepare himself enough.

It was a pretty normal night, as far as normal had been since he and Katsuki had started up their game.
Katsuki had Izuku on his back, one leg held up by an arm and his other as far back as he could manage without extra support.

Meanwhile, the fingers of his free hand were stretching at his hole, slick with lube.

"Kah-Kacchan," Deku moaned. Katsuki was making him feel so good.
"That feel good, Deku?"

"So, so good, Kacchan," he blathered, "Kacchan makes me feel so good."


"Mmm," Deku moaned, slipping a finger a bit deeper to brush his prostate. "Kacchan feels the best."

"God, such a good little slut, aren't you?"

"Mmmhmm," Deku nodded.
"I'm a good boy."

"Yes, you are a good boy today, Deku," Katsuki purred. "But you don't get to decide if you're a good boy, remember? Who decides when you're good?"

"Kacchan does," Deku hiccoughed through his moans, trying his best to respond when his arousal was so heady.
"That's right, Deku," he rasped, "Now spear that pretty boy hole for me."

"Yes, Kacchan." He snatched up his dildo as fast as he could, piercing himself with it so roughly he cried out at the intrusion. "It's in, Kacchan."

"Good," he praised, pumping himself. "Now turn it on."
"Yes, Kacchan." Izuku turned on the medium setting, the low whirring sound a tell.

"To maximum."

"But, but Kaccha-"

"Shut up and do it."

His fingers fumbled with the settings, but he knew he'd gotten it when he heard that high pitched whirring sound in the air.
And felt the discomfort from the new setting.

Izuku /hated/ the top setting, and Katsuki knew it by now. It left his prostate feeling abused and overstimulated, and he couldn't tell if he felt good or if he was suffering.

No doubt Katsuki could hear that in his sobs.
"Are you bitching, Deku?" Katsuki asked, a pleased groan in his voice. He sounded like he was getting close.

"N-no, no, Kacchan," Deku cried, "I'm not, not bitching."

"What happens to baby boys who start bitching, Deku? Huh?"

"They get.. get punished, Kacchan," he whimpered.
"And why do they get punished?"

"Because they're /bad boys/."

"That's right," Katsuki breathed. "And you're being a bad boy, Deku."

"Nnn.. Kacchan."

Katsuki knew what it did to Deku when he talked like this, and he imagined that was exactly why he did it.
He knew just how to push Deku to the edge.

"You're a /bad boy/."

"O-oh." It burned inside. It felt so hot. God, he was gonna..

"And bad boys don't get to come."


"But, but /Kacchan/, I can't, I-" Deku stammered, but it was too late.

He was already coming.
Deku cried out as the orgasm burned through him /fast/. It felt so, so good, even knowing Katsuki was going to lay into him afterwards - perhaps /better/ because he knew that.

He sobbed and panted, his belly covered in his own come.
From Katsuki's own panting, Deku gathered that he'd come, too.

"Did that feel good, Deku?" Katsuki asked.

"Mmm," he hummed in affirmation.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," he said. "Burn the feeling into memory.
It'll give you something pleasant to think about while I'm punishing your ass for disobedience."

"Hah," Deku moaned. "Kacchan, it's too soon for you to talk like that. Feeling good /hurts/."

"I'll remember that," Katsuki chuckled. "I'll just beat your lil cock to make you cry."
"Nnn, Kacchan," Deku groaned. "Stoooop."

"I owe you a punishment, baby boy," Katsuki said. "You can cash in now or later."

"Let's just take a rain check on that," Deku suggested. "Besides, it'll just be me punishing myself for you."
"True," Katsuki said. A moment of silence passed, the only sound their breathing.

Katsuki breathed, "But we can change that."

A tingle ran through Deku's neck, his breath catching in his throat. That voice... he'd never get used to it.

This was his chance.
Deku pushed past that tightness in his chest, the anxiety stifling him, and breathed, "Can we?"

Katsuki hummed, a rumble that sent those same pleasant tingles directly into his ears and down his spine. "Fuck, yeah," he growled. "You wanna meet your Kacchan?"

Deku whimpered.
"Want me to fill up that pretty boyhole for real?" Katsuki rasped.

"Stop," the smaller man whined, his too-sensitive cock twitching. "Still too... too soon."

Katsuki chuckled. "Such a sensitive boy."

Deku's belly warmed at the teasing.

"What's your schedule Friday night?"
Nonexistent. If Deku wasn't listening to a recorded version of Katsuki getting him off, Deku would be listening to the /real/ Katsuki getting him off. And if neither of those things were an option, he'd probably just be reading comics or watching television. Somewhat ashamed.
Being asked what he was doing on a Friday night always gave him excitement, the idea that someone might want to hang out with him. But right now?

It made his tummy stir, burned it like a strong drink and gave him that same pleasurable but hazy feeling.
"Free," Deku said. "I'm free Friday night."

"Then I'll see you Friday night," Katsuki said. "I'll text you the details. Be ready for me, Deku."

Deku just stared at his ceiling, the beep signifying the end of the call still ringing in his ear. He was going to meet Katsuki.
Deku wasn't certain what Katsuki meant when he said to be ready for him.

Did he mean, like... emotionally? Deku would /never/ be emotionally prepared to meet Katsuki. He could barely agree to meet with the man. He brooded while unpacking his work things from his backpack.
The early morning light strewn into his office from the window, and his thoughts were interrupted by the pinging of his phone.

The text brought news from Katsuki, new orders that Deku hadn't the courage nor the will to refuse.
7 PM, the man dictated, followed by an address. Deku read it in the man's voice in his mind, a series of grunts leaving no room for debate. Not that Deku would. And then the same line, to be ready for him.

Deku told himself to stop being obtuse at that point.
Katsuki was acting like Deku hadn't ever used his ass before. He was no child. He didn't need reminding.

Deku: im not gonna come to dinner with a dirty butthole kacchan.


Katsuki: who said anything about dinner nerd
Deku frowned. He had assumed they were going on a date together, but maybe that was just him being overeager. After all, Katsuki had told him to come prepared.

Maybe it would be nothing more than a quick fuck. In all honesty, he should have anticipated this the entire time.
Come to think of it... none of it had really felt /real/ so far. Whenever Katsuki came into the picture, Deku could just step into an alternate universe, one where only he and Katsuki existed.

And in that universe, he didn't have to worry about how to define their relationship.
Now that he was actually going to be meeting the man, the parameters of their relationship became a lot less clear and a lot more important.

Deku couldn't really say exactly what it was he felt for Katsuki. He knew he adored the man.
Or at least, Deku adored whatever personality Katsuki presented as Ground Zero. He definitely liked the person Katsuki was when they talked on the phone. But neither of those presentations gave much away.

Katsuki was always performing.
Without a chance of any other future, he didn't have to consider whether the two of them would date, at least not in any seriousness. Now that they were meeting, he needed to remember that distinction.

Katsuki was the kind of person Deku could fall in love with easily.
That was to say... Deku /fell in love/ easily. And he was at big risk of this happening now that they were meeting in person.

He had to remind himself that their relationship up until now was purely sexual, not to get ahead of himself, and to feel things out.
Deku didn't want to get hurt, and he especially didn't want to run off the man he'd been listening to for a year or so now, whose voice provided him with such comfort and relief from the world around him.

No, he'd have to keep it together if he wanted this to work.
He picked up his phone to type.

Deku: then what are we doing?

He finished unpacking and sat at his desk. He tried to concentrate on reading some articles, thumbing through his own manuscripts, but he couldn't concentrate. He nibbled the end of his pen.
Deku was too curious to focus on work, too excited. He mindlessly refreshed his emails over and over, as if something new would pop up, but if it did, he didn't open it. He just stared vacantly at the screen.


His hand darted to the phone immediately.
Katsuki: be patient

Deku sighed. Well, that was no help. Not that he expected any less from Katsuki. Always some sort of game with the man, of course he'd want to keep the smaller man on the edge of his seat.

He would just wait, he supposed.
So that's what Deku did. He just distracted himself, tried to take his mind off Katsuki and their meeting until the time arrived. Katsuki didn't call him or hit him up again, so the only person he had to contend with was himself with his own invasive thoughts and ruminating.
When Deku eventually looked up the address Katsuki sent him, it wasn't a residential one. It wasn't even a business one. It was the address for the square downtown. It gave nothing away, unless the two of them were just going for a walk.
Deku spent all of Friday gnawing at the inside of his cheek in anxious anticipation. He could hardly get anything done at work, but he couldn't feel down about that when all his attention was on his upcoming evening with Katsuki.

When he got home, he set to work grooming.
He didn't think he'd ever been this thorough in his life, but he wanted to be absolutely spotless. He broke out his enema. He scrubbed his whole body down. He lotioned every inch of his body, hoping to disguise some of the dryness of neglect on his skin.
Then he sat around and waited. He paced his bedroom. He paced his living room. He paced the entire apartment, until it was still too soon to leave but too late for him to cool his nerves enough to keep himself from leaving his apartment. So Deku left.
Deku enjoyed walking, and the cool air on his skin eased some of his anxiety as he made his way downtown. The closer he got to downtown, counterintuitively, the easier it became not to think about it.

Not because he wasn't anxious, but because of the area.
Deku had never been around this area before. Initially, it started off as a series of modern apartments, tall buildings with lots of glass walls and fancy balconies, trees on the sidewalk that were potted instead of sticking up out of the ground.

Expensive looking.
Then there were the businesses. Deku was more accustomed to 7-Eleven and fast food restaurants, but this district didn't have many shops that Deku was familiar with... if you could call them that.

High fashion stores with clothes he could never afford.
Restaurants with names and menu items he could never pronounce. And people whose eyes never touched upon him when he passed, or if they did, they turned up their noses at him in his peasant-wear.

Deku might've been bothered by it if he wasn't so enthralled.
The buildings were so pretty with fancy lights that reflected off thick glass. The signs looked elegant instead of tacky. It really was a glamorous area. No wonder he'd never been near here.

He approached the square, a long block of tanned brick with stone benches lining it.
Deku was most impressed by the towering fountain in the middle. It looked so refreshing, and the sound of the falling water filled him with a sense of peace. The square was pretty full of people, but he managed to find an empty bench in front of it and claimed it for himself.
He checked his phone for the time. He was over fifteen minutes early, but... he couldn't be bothered by it with the scenery... and the sounds. Deku sighed, his eyes drifting shut as he listened to the world around him.

The drifting voices of others in the square.
Birds chirping. Distant music from a cafe nearby, something instrumental, and the overpowering sound of the water.

He took a deep breath, held it... held it... and exhaled.

"Today is going to be good," he breathed the thought into existence, bid it to be true.
Deku stayed like that for a long moment, but it passed easily as his body drank in the peacefulness.

"Deku," a low voice said, dragging him from his drifting back into the present. His eyes fluttered open, and he could've sworn it'd grown darker out since he closed them last.
"Kacchan," Deku breathed. It was him.

The man stood in front of him, taller than Deku had imagined, cutting an imposing figure. Deku somehow knew standing wouldn't make the difference between them any less pronounced. The man was huge compared to him.
And Deku liked that.. a lot.. He felt warm looking at Katsuki. The man's blond hair was perfectly wild, and his red eyes danced with mirth and pierced through Deku, lips quirked just enough to flash a hint of predatory white teeth at the smaller man.
Katsuki was a vision. A horrible, beautiful vision in black on black. Deku was certain he didn't look half as imposing as Katsuki dressed in his long loose sweater and his black leggings, but he was going for cute when he put them on.
The look on Katsuki's face made him think he'd met his mark, the man's eyes dark and appraising as they skimmed over Deku's tiny frame, down to his legs, darting back up on his face... lingering on his face. The intensity of his gaze pulled blood to his cheeks.
"You just gonna sit there and stare, nerd?" Katsuki teased, offering a hand out to him. Deku glanced at it - /big/ - before placing his own in it.

"Would that be so wrong?" Deku pouted, groaning at the strength of Katsuki's grip as the man pulled him up from the bench.
Deku mourned the loss of Katsuki's hand wrapped around his own when the man released him. The grip of Katsuki's large hand felt so strange around his own tiny one, and even though the touch was innocent - probably - it had his heart pounding and his stomach coiling.
"'Course not," Katsuki scoffed. "Means you have good taste. But there'll be better things to stare at later. Save it for then." Deku didn't miss the way Katsuki's eyes scanned up and down his body.

"Um," Deku mumbled, "Where exactly are we going?"
Katsuki began to walk away, and Deku followed after him, positioning himself beside the man.

"Ask me that again and you'll regret it later," Katsuki threatened, that grin widening.

Deku flushed.

"Kacchan is very suggestive."

"Not a 'suggestion,' Deku. I say what I mean.
You, on the other hand..."

"What do you mean by /that/?" Deku asked, bristling slightly.

"You don't think I'm suggestive," Katsuki said. "You think I'm /sexy/. You're just too scared to say it."

Deku rolled his eyes. Katsuki was.. kind of a meathead.
Not that Deku minded. A smile tugged at his lips. "One can be /both/," Deku said. Katsuki didn't respond, simply letting them fall into silence.

It wasn't uncomfortable, with the sounds of the city around them filling the void with noise.
It also gave Deku the chance to focus on where he was going. Once again, the buildings were changing, this time looking less like stores and more... ornate. They passed a museum of art, decorated with arches and pillars that made it spectacular to behold.
They crossed an orpheum, absolutely /huge/. Deku had never been inside a theater so big before, and as soon as they passed it, he realized he wouldn't be going in one that day either.

They only stopped when they reached another museum, one he'd never heard of before.
"The museum..." Deku read "... of sound?" He'd never heard of it before, and he'd never seen anything like it, either, save for maybe on television.

The building was nestled between a couple other ones, but it wasn't squished and had a generous amount of room.
It was black and sleek and modern, antithetical to every museum portrayal Deku had ever seen in the media... or even on his own. He personally loved going to museums, but they did leave something to be desired...

But even just the outside of this one was different.
"That's right," Katsuki said, pushing ahead of Deku to walk through a revolving door. The smaller man followed, having trouble keeping his eyes on Katsuki to follow him when there were so many different things he was trying to look at.
Deku almost bumped into Katsuki coming out of the revolving door, as entranced as he was. "Whoa, Deku," Katsuki said, grabbing him to stabilize him.

"Sorry," Deku said, "It's just... different." Deku wrinkled his nose. "It doesn't smell... old."

Katsuki snorted.
"I came here a while back for a work function," Katsuki explained. "The place has an entirely different vibe... especially on a Friday night."

His eyes lingered on Deku, another suggestive gesture, especially under the dim lights in the lobby.
Deku couldn't argue with him, even though he himself hadn't been to the place any other time. With the low lights and the jazzy music playing in the lobby, the mood was... different. Not quite romantic, but more... anticipatory. Seductive.
Not like any kind of museum he had ever been to before. It had him feeling sensitive.

"It's going to be dark," Katsuki said, "so stay close to me." Deku wasn't going to protest that, sidling up close to the man as he began walking toward the door at the end of the lobby.
Katsuki was right. As soon as the man opened the door, Deku was staring into an even darker space, though not /too/ dark. Different floor lights accentuated different pieces throughout the room. The path was lit up by them, just enough for people to see where they were going.
There was a lot of space in the room just... not being used. In fact, the room felt big to him with how little there was in it. The few things there were in it were against the walls. The same floor lights surrounded the displays.
Deku might've felt underenthused if it weren't for that atmosphere. The darkness, the so deliberate lighting, and the music all kept him... thrumming. The music was /loud/, loud enough to drown out any sounds the other people might have been making.
But it didn't look like anyone else was really making any sounds, save for the unavoidable chuffing of their shoes against the ground, but the carpeting muffled that. He could only see their silhouettes, hands clasped together, shoulders brushing. Some holding each other.
The atmosphere was intimate, and he felt uncomfortably voyeuristic even looking at the other people in the room, most of them clearly on dates and experiencing the same mood he was.

The thought brought his attention back to Katsuki. He was moving toward one of the displays.
Deku caught back up to him, taking a page out of the other patrons books and letting his shoulders brush the other man's side, too short for his own to quite touch Katsuki's.

When Katsuki stopped in front of the first display, Deku stilled himself against the man.
He could feel the hard muscles of Katsuki's arm against his own, even through his sweater, and he had to wrench his attention away from the sensation to examine what was in front of them.

It was an instrument. Unsurprising, but...

He glanced around, squinting at the displays.
They were all instruments, the few they were. Deku wasn't really familiar with musical instruments, but the one in front of them looked like a guitar... a bass, if he had to guess.

His attention drifted back to the music, low, lazy sounds that vibrated through his body.
"Kacchan," Deku whispered, tilting his neck up to direct the sound into Katsuki's ear. He could just barely hear the man hum at him in response, his fingers twitching against Deku's as their hands hung limply at their sides, brushing but not entwining like the others in the room.
"Are the instruments in the room the ones used in the song?"

Katsuki turned his own head this time, leaning down to whisper into Deku's ear. On the one hand, Deku appreciated Katsuki whispering out of respect to the other people in the room. But on the other hand...
Katsuki's closeness made Deku feel dizzy, especially with the man's nose brushing against the side of his face, maybe an accident but so obviously deliberate as the man breathed in his ear.

"Smart boy, Deku," he whispered, breath tickling Deku's earlobes.
"Do you play?"

Deku shook his head, trying to pretend it wasn't to nuzzle more of his skin against Katsuki's, but when he stopped his face was turned just enough for his own nose to linger against Katsuki's.

"Do you?"

"Yes," Katsuki replied.
The hiss of the 's' sound Katsuki made sent tingles running through Deku. As if he could tell, he added, "Several."

"Which ones?" Deku exhaled, backs of his fingers twitching against the backs of Katsuki's. He wanted to touch, wanted to feel...
Katsuki moved his head again, nose nuzzling against Deku's ear as he answered slowly, /deliberately/ slow, drawing out every 's.' "Drums," he whispered, pausing for a long moment as snakes coiled in Deku's stomach. "Bass." Deku breathed, but it was shallow. He felt warm in here.
"Piano," the man said, with a note of finality. He was so close, Deku could feel his lips twitching into a smirk against his ear. He knew exactly what he was doing.

God, Deku wanted him to keep talking, just like that. "Is that what you do for work?" Deku asked.
He needed to keep it going, needed Katsuki to stay rooted right there, breathing into his ear.

But he pulled away, not before answering 'no.'

The action yanked Deku from his trance-like state. He'd felt boneless, adrift in the pulsing pleasure of the man's voice in his ear.
Deku frowned. It was cruel of Katsuki to give him that only to take it away so suddenly. It'd felt /amazing/, so much better than what his earphones had ever given him.

He wordlessly followed Katsuki along to the next display, waiting to say anything in response.
Deku didn't want to disrupt anyone else, and it felt wrong to say anything louder than a whisper in here anyway, as if the atmosphere necessitated soft breathing words, lips levitated just above the skin. He was grateful when Katsuki paused again in front of the next display.
Deku leaned up to whisper into his ear again. "So what do you do, then? Besides, you know."

The man rolled his neck, the gesture pushing Deku away just slightly, silent for a moment. He didn't turn to Deku's ear this time, simply whispered, "I run a business."

"Oh," Deku said.
That was /very/ interesting to hear, but... the more he asked about it, the more the mood moved away from where it was before, and Deku very much wanted it to return to that. If it meant sacrificing a conversation about Katsuki's job, Deku was more than willing to make it.
"Kacchan must be a very good businessman," Deku said, a sincere compliment but also a very deliberate attempt to stroke the man's ego and bring him back from wherever his line of questioning had pushed him.

"That's obvious," Katsuki agreed, leaning to touch sides with Deku.
"I'm pretty damn popular." Good. He'd said the right thing.

"Mmhmm," Deku hummed, enjoying the feeling of Katsuki close to him once again. "What instrument is this?"

"Contrabassoon," Katsuki said. "You hear that low sound? Lower than the bass"

Deku heard several low sounds.
Deku heard the bass, what seemed to be the contrabassoon, and the deep rumble of Katsuki's voice in his ear.

Deku nodded.

"That's the contrabassoon. They've got it cranked so loud in here you can feel it," Katsuki said, lips once again just inches from Deku's ear.
"You feel it in that little body of yours, don't you, Deku?"

Deku felt it, definitely. He'd never really been super into music. Sure, he had his favorites and had been to a couple concerts in his life, where the sounds were so loud he could feel them vibrating throughhis body.
But they never felt like /this/. Those sounds, though coordinated themselves, felt like a mess of sensations when they pulsed through his body. These sounds, the sounds of the instruments, felt very concentrated, lovingly created to caress one's body in a specific way.
A frisky way... similar to the way Katsuki was touching him now. Light touches, almost imperceptible, but certainly noticed as they skimmed over the outsides of his thigh, thumb brushing the skin of his belly through the fabric of his sweater.

Katsuki was just like the song.
A slow and calculated build, tactful in its execution but ultimately upfront about its intention to seduce you, to work you over until you were itching to submit to the sound.

Katsuki had already done that to him time and time again.
The man using a hand this time only seemed like the natural progression. Deku didn't do anything to stop or encourage it, just waited with bated breath for what Katsuki would do next, all of his senses hyperfocused on the point of contact, seemingly innocent fingers on his thigh.
"Yeah," Deku murmured, maneuvering a pinky just enough to hook around Katsuki's only for a moment. The touch lingered for a moment before Katsuki pulled ahead again, this time heading toward a door on the other side of the room. Deku caught up to his side.

"Want to feel more?"
Katsuki clearly wasn't waiting for an answer as he led the two of them to the next room, but he looked at Deku all the same.

"Yes," Deku hissed. He didn't even care they were skipping one of the displays, he was just eager to be captive to the sensation of Katsuki's skin on his.
Katsuki carefully pushed the door open and ushered Deku through, into yet another dark room, slipping it shut behind them.

Except this room wasn't quite so dark. Deku tried to figure out what exactly he was looking at, breath caught in his throat.
Lights levitated about the room, adrift like floating lanterns. High and low, big and small, scattered about at random at every height in cool tones, bright enough to see but casting very little light.

String instruments sung the soundtrack to his wonder as he stared.
Slow, long and deep notes, the occasional high note plucking at his spine.

It was disorienting, and if it weren't for another path of floor lights and Katsuki's silhouette, he wouldn't have known where to walk. They were especially important in this room.
The lanterns commanded his attention with so much authority, only more light could steal it away... aside from Katsuki. He moved in close, the lit path just wide enough for him to walk at the man's side, their pace exaggeratedly slow, the backs of Katsuki's fingers at his thigh.
Their proximity to the lights now afforded Deku a closer look, which revealed that the lanterns were suspended by near invisible strings, hanging everywhere in the room like vines, save for over the carefully planned paths designated by the floor lights.
Deku had never seen anything like it before. It took him a long moment to notice Katsuki's eyes glued to his face, an intense look on the man's face as he drank in Deku's every expression.

He could only guess how he looked, and he imagined it had been embarrassing.
Katsuki didn't mock him, just spoke in that soft, rasping voice, sliding his hand from Deku's thigh up to his hip. "Pretty, huh?"

It felt like a compliment in his ears, ambiguous words referring to the lights, but all the while Katsuki's eyes burned into Deku's face...
All the while Katsuki's hand squeezed at Deku's hip, taking extra liberties in the shroud of the darkness and the shield of the hanging lights.

Katsuki meant him, didn't he?

Deku could only imagine his own face right now, flushed cheeks and half-lidded eyes.
Was this what Katsuki found so pretty? Deku deconstructing before his eyes, under near nothing touches and suggestive whispers? In a museum, no less?

Katsuki's face told him yes, the meager light from the lanterns reflecting in his eyes to reveal his own dilated pupils.
"You think so?" Deku replied, meeting Katsuki's intense gaze with his own hazy one.

Katsuki's lips quirked up, and the hand on his hip dipped lower to graze the top of Deku's ass. His lips dropped open in a tiny gasp.

"Fuck, yeah," Katsuki answered, his voice gravel.
That hand felt so good on his ass... just the warmth, the touch of it... the knowledge that it was there. He wanted more.

The sound of footsteps approaching behind them had Katsuki's hand removing from his ass. Deku was both grateful and disappointed.
He felt better when the same hand was then placed on Deku's waist, a strong arm wrapped across his back, leading him further through the path. The gesture had their sides pressed close together, the warmth of Katsuki's body against his making his insides even warmer.
Katsuki wasn't going as slow anymore, perhaps because of the people behind them. Deku didn't mind that they didn't have as many idle moments with the man's body so close to his own. It sent ever-present jolts of excitement through him, a constant thrumming of pleasurable nerves.
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