I've changed my mind about progressive politicians appearing on independent news shows like mine. Let me explain why.

A thread:

I once thought our shows were just echo chambers that wouldn't help politicians reach the broad audience that MSM has/it didn't matter, but...

Our platforms provide a direct line to activists and the communities that support them the most. We'll be fair, but still hold politicians accountable, and they'll know our criticisms are coming from a good place. Them being accountable to us is important.


The right utilizes ALL platforms; Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Dave Rubin, even Alex fucking Jones, whereas progressive politicians won't usually show up unless MSNBC or CNN calls.

As we try to build up our platforms, politicians can help us cultivate the legitimacy needed to be taken more seriously. For example, indies having more cred could lead to greater pressure on MSM to cover stories we cover like Tara Reade's #MeToo story. MSM sets the agenda.

Bernie barely gave @KyleKulinski 12 minutes. He went on TYT like twice. AOC hasn't returned to any of our shows since we helped her get elected.

When they consider it, we have to agree to their terms and offer them a list of subjects/questions (MSM wouldn't allow this)

We need an alternative to MSM, but politicians who complain about media bias aren't really helping to build up progressive platforms.

I can assure you we've all tried to get progressive politicians on our shows and it's a miracle when they even respond.

Even the largest platforms like TYT or Democracy Now aren't given a modicum of respect MSM gets by progressive politicians. This is part of why outsiders on the right (Donald Trump, the Tea Party) have been really successful—they don't take any platform for granted.

In short, going forward, help us help you, progressive politicians. Utilize our platforms.

And I hate saying this because it sounds like I'm clout chasing or desperate to be taken seriously, but I don't care. This is about strategy.

Imagine if AOC tweeted out a Rational National video or Bernie's team just tweeted their interview with Kyle Kulinski. They know we exist, they likely think it's a waste (as I did), but we NEED an alternative to MSM, and they've gotta help us build that but won't.

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