#Kashmir: Indian government forces (Army) vandalising homes/ public property during the ongoing ‘cordon & search ops’ in Arwani village of southern Anantnag district. Is this how hearts and minds of Kashmiris are won? Not happening for the first time. Unacceptable, but who cares?
Cordon and search ops in Arwani Anantnag ended without any success, widespread damage to public property reported by locals. Locals tell me it is because of the ‘gun salute’ offered to slain militant last night. More visuals/ details as they come. https://twitter.com/kashmirosint/status/1247178383424802816?s=21 https://twitter.com/kashmirosint/status/1247178383424802816
Photos of alleged vandalism by Indian Army in Arwani village of Anantnag diarist. The house in the video belongs to a labourer named Mohammed Islmael.
The last picture (chocolate colour paint on windows) is the house from the video. #Kashmir
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