#PollutionAlertApril2020 | HIGH 7-9/10 and VERY HIGH 10/10 particle #AirPollution from non-traffic sources expected to hit southern UK Wednesday-Saturday (as winds slow and turn easterly). Could hit #Coronavirus #COVID19 patients at worst possible time https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk 
3/... Useful city tracker from @EUEnvironment https://twitter.com/euenvironment/status/1247102904235888640?s=21 https://twitter.com/euenvironment/status/1247102904235888640
4/... Earlier days in forecasting this #AirPollution episode https://twitter.com/cleanairlondon/status/1247064717635596288?s=21 << We predicted it last Friday https://twitter.com/cleanairlondon/status/1247064717635596288
5/... Please @Dunne4Ludlow @neil_parish @LukePollard @JonAshworth @SadiqKhan @RoryStewartUK @sianberry @ShaunBaileyUK read this thread. #CodePurple VERY HIGH 10/10 particle #AirPollution expected in places over next few days https://twitter.com/cleanairlondon/status/1247387085981573123?s=21 https://twitter.com/cleanairlondon/status/1247387085981573123
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