{Thread on the Indian Army special forces operation executed yesterday}

This was an operation that was headed by Subedar Sanjeev Kumar and his team of 4. They had a face 2 face close quarters combat with the terrorists and eliminated them before succumbing. @adgpi
Background: There was intense gunfight between Indian security forces and terrorists around the Rangdori Behak area part of the Kupwara district of #JammuAndKashmir for the last 5 days.

Indian army performed combing operations in this difficult terrain to weed out the militants.
A total of 5 terrorists were killed by Subedar Sanjeev Kumar & Team.

But the sad part is these 5 soldiers also lost their lives in the process.

Thy were from Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.

#Kupwara @adgpi
This is a video shot from the chopper (Dhruv helicopter) which gives an aerial view of the terrain in which the soldiers were dropped into.

Considering what the rest of India is focusing on ( #COVID19INDIA) , something's never change at the LoC.

#Kupwara @adgpi
An explanation the events that unfolded.

This is an Indian army special forces soldier (who was part of this operation) explaining the flow of events.

#Kupwara #JammuAndKashmir @adgpi
Some of the items recovered from the operation include ready to eat food packets, grenades and other ammunitions manufactured in Pakistan.

#Kupwara #JammuAndKashmir @adgpi
List of weapons / ammunitions / items recovered:

AK 47s, hand grenades, Garmin GPS, Mobile phones, under barrel grenades, Icom wireless, jackets, watch, headphones, first aid kits, ready made Chapatis etc.. @adgpi

#Kupwara #JammuAndKashmir

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