Just stop what you’re doing and enjoy listening to the #AvengersEndgame opening night crowd react to Captain America wielding Thor's hammer.

And of course the theater reaction to PORTALS was bonkers.
America's Ass
"I am Iron Man"
If you need more, here's the full audio file:
Female Avengers Unite

(cc @CentralMorgan)
You're still not ready for this one. #ILoveYou3000
And there's only one clip that can properly end this thread.

One year ago, Marvel fans packed theaters across the world to watch #AvengersEndgame. I recently received the FULL three-hour audience reaction audio clip from opening night.

Let's revive the thread and have some fun. 😁
A *much better* clip (with better audio) of Captain America wielding Thor's hammer. #AvengersEndgame
Hail Hydra.
oh hi Fat Thor
Updated (better video and audio) Avengers Assemble clip:
Captain Marvel saves Iron Man.
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