If there is to be any good that comes from today, let it be this: you will never allow yourself to forget, from now until you die, the need to fight as hard for judicial & state legislative seats as you do for the White House. Republicans know this. Let's know it even harder. 1/
Wisconsin's state Supreme Court decision today that locked in tomorrow's election was a party-line 4-2 ruling, with Dan Kelly—the GOP incumbent on the ballot—recusing.

We lost the 2019 state SCOWIS race to a GOP troll by 5,930 votes.

In 2017, the Republican ran unopposed.
I'm one of thousands who knocked on doors all over Wisconsin last year to fight for @JudgeNeubauer. But national Republicans backed up a money truck in the final week of the race and spiked GOP turnout 30% vs 2018, and won by a hair. If we'd won, SCOWIS would've deadlocked today.
This whole fight is about another state Supreme Court race—one that Trump takes seriously enough to tweet about repeatedly and describe from memory during coronavirus press conferences. Trump's not known for attention to detail. So, he clearly doesn't consider this race a detail.
If you are ready to commit yourself to the fight for local offices—especially state legislative races and judgeships—here are three things you can do right now:

Give, if you can: http://wisdems.org/forward 
Make calls: http://wisdems.org/vol4wi 
Text voters: http://wisdems.org/text 
And write "FIGHT IN LOCAL RACES LIKE THE WORLD DEPENDS ON IT" somewhere where you'll see it.

I'd suggest that you tattoo it backwards on your forehead so that you see it in the mirror each morning, but tattoo shops are closed due to coronavirus.

Unlike Wisconsin's election.
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