HOLY MOLY BIG BOOM - this picture with #Fauci is the same party from #Qanon post 544 of #BillGatesSr who ran #PlannedParenthood, #Rockefeller, #TedTurner creator of #CNN and #GeorgeSoros. Unbelievable. We found the epicenter of world corruption. https://twitter.com/howleyreporter/status/1247301447043219457
A close up of the key players
Here is the #DeepState event they were at. No coincidences! https://twitter.com/mikebravodude/status/1247304985118982144?s=21 https://twitter.com/mikebravodude/status/1247304985118982144
To me, it’s obvious @realDonaldTrump is displaying #Fauci & his #DeepState handlers to the world. Can you say EXPOSED. Communist infiltrators!
I have no idea who your source is @HowleyReporter but this was a huge find for the #Qanon community and I’m sure non-Q players in geopolitics. That leak was intentional. Setting the input parameters to the collective https://twitter.com/howleyreporter/status/1247306187554553856?s=21 https://twitter.com/howleyreporter/status/1247306187554553856
For people wondering if this woman next to #Fauci is #DrBirx, it is not, it is #JudyWoodruff https://twitter.com/howleyreporter/status/1247372615641071618?s=21
BTW, I also believe Q dropped the post with Gates father, Soros, Rockefeller and Turner knowing their plans of #Coronavirus would happen & #Fauci put on display as the public face to this subversive plot with #Gates pushing the vaccine. A DS virus thread https://twitter.com/catnamus/status/1241380225092648960?s=21
Thanks for the share #Patriot. Isn’t #Astor one of the families who were supposedly murdered on the #Titanic because they were obstacles to the #FederalReserve? How does Brooke fit into this story? https://twitter.com/1_decided_voter/status/1247424385792634880?s=21 https://twitter.com/1_decided_voter/status/1247424385792634880
Jesus, just look at this cretin. Does he have herpes?! 🤢
Picture found here https://twitter.com/mikebravodude/status/1247304985118982144?s=21 https://twitter.com/mikebravodude/status/1247304985118982144
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