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Have Anons connected the dots yet?

Sequence of events:
03/2016: Pizzagate
09/2016: Anthony Weiner Laptop
10/2017: Weinstein
04/2018: NXIVM
07/2019: Epstein

Notice a pattern? Sequence of events are important 👇
Cracked the door open to the eventual horror, END GAME. A few months prior to the election. MSM went in overdrive to label it a "alt-right conspiracy". People drinking from the Kool-Aid bought the fake narrative BUT now it's in their subconscious. A GLIMPSE.
Anthony Weiner's Laptop:
Publicly revealed the inherent bias at the top of both the FBI and the DOJ. Voters who were on the fence politically either stayed home or voted for Trump. Another "conspiracy" grew surrounding the contents of the laptop, RE: Frazzledrip. A GLIMPSE.
Laid the GROUND WORK in 3 Ways-
1) It made the 'sexual abuse' pill much easier to swallow.
2) Revealed to the public that Hollywood was complicit & encouraged the abuse.
3) This hypocrisy initiated the public awareness & massively watered down celebrity social justice.
Subconsciously created the narrative of 'CULTS' to the public. It was directly involved w/ Hollywood, re: Allison Mack. Weinstein's sexual abuse cases further publicized the hypocrisy & inherent evil within Hollywood. Pushing the public to question their "idols".
Epstein (1/2):
The pre-MOAB. Epstein was a culmination of all of the previous events:

(Pizzagate / Laptop) Child Sex Abuse
(Weinstein) Hollywood
(NXIVM) Cults
Epstein (2/2):
What Epstein accomplished was it made everyone a "conspiracy theorist" over night. The previous seeds (events) were important to plant PRIOR to arresting Epstein.

This was the beginning of the Great Awakening.
So what have all of these mentally prepared us & the public for?

Operation '10 Days of Darkness':
The MASSIVE rescue of sex-trafficking children

How does the coronavirus fit in? 👇
Remember, "Children are being kidnapped, tortured, raped and sacrificed in the name of PURE EVIL... We are FIGHTING a deeply entrenched enemy."?

How do you SAVE thousands of children while fighting a 'deeply entrenched enemy'?
This operation MUST be a military operation.

Law enforcement are primarily limited to jurisdictions & enforce municipal codes, city & state laws. ALSO, some LEO are connected to and/or participating in these very crimes.

National Defense is the responsibility of the MILITARY.
So how do you get the US military involved without making a scene?
How do you reduce public interference or collateral damage?
How do you limit MSM exposing a secret military operation?

!!!! How do you get the public to naturally accept transporting thousands of TANKS?
Insert: Pandemic.

The public is slowly and methodically being de-brainwashed and mentally prepared for what's to come.

That whole Pizzagate "conspiracy" they all heard about? Yeah, that's true.

This will extremely difficult for many to swallow. This truth needs absolute CARE.
Did Trump plant another seed? Yes, he did:
This has never been about Spygate or voter fraud. This has always been about the children. Nail the EVIL SOBs w/ crime against children & nothing else will matter, because the verdict will have already been in

Now does chronology make sense?
"The Beginning"
"Not all are awake"
Guys, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We don't need to know everything now and we don't need to if, in the end, we SAVE the children.

Remember, Patriots are in control :)
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