Incarnated ET is one of the more...Shall we say excitable leaders of QAnon on twitter. His Bio has been "IT'S HABBENING NOW" for a while now. So it's a very slow, gradual habbening as it were.
So of course he went all-in on the Mole Children the second the idea of the Mole Children became a part of the QAnon Mythos. Right away he accepted that earthquakes were attacks on DUMBS.
Then he started broadcasting posts by Anons on the forums talking about the Mole Children and their impending liberation.
He then started finding evidence to back up his beliefs. The horror movie that is the Mole Children was about to become a reality for America and the world. At last the horrific evil of the Deep State was going to be exposed.
And now after all this the story takes an odd turn. Shockingly ET has become a bit of a squish on the Mole Children. After days of hype suddenly he's declaring we shouldn't be making statements of fact about the Mole Children and keep it a 'theory'
This is how the con works. Freak out and excite the followers with a new lurid tale of horrific evil that shall be swiftly corrected, then as the days pass and it seems like there won't be any evidence of the evil existing, you back off and take a 'wait and see' attitude.
Then when the whole thing flames out you can delete your old tweets and hope nobody's got screen grabs and pretend you were never party to any of the madness in the first place. So it shall be, always and forever.
Shirley Manson is Illuminati confirmed.
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