max from max and ruby is a serial killer, a thread:
if you didn’t know max from max and ruby is mute. this is because of the theory that max was m*lested as a young child. he created super bunny, an imaginary hero for him to save him. sometimes, people who are traumatized as kids traumatize people when they are older.
max has absent parents as you can see, ruby practically raised him. max clearly has never felt loved by his parents, which causes issues with development and morality. his childhood seems like sunshine and rainbows, but it clearly isn’t.
there is also a stereotype that school shooters are caucasian. max is a caucasian rabbit and he is mute. that makes it stereotypical for him to be a school shooter. with his past, it seems like he fits the stereotype of a school shooter
also, max is barely seen ever going to school. school shooters are also stereotypically bad at school. he has low attendance and chances are that he’s really bad at school. with his bad grades, past, and home life, there is a likely chance that he acted out.
and people like to bully kids like max. chances are that rabbits in his school bullied max for being quiet. this could open up the possibility that max could have shot his school up in retaliation.
IN CONCLUSION: max is malicious.
end of thread
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