A 27yo Walmart greeter has died of #COVID19

‘Mommy, I’m going to work because no one else is going to help the senior citizens get their groceries.’

She only stopped going to work when she could no longer breathe #CapitalismKills

#frontliners #PPE #M4A #NotMeUs #Bernie2020 https://twitter.com/WillWelds/status/1247329688340574209
This family is being interviewed on CNN right now

She insisted on going to work when colleagues kept no-showing during senior-only shopping hours

Leilani had cerebral palsy

Her final paycheque was $20.54

‘It’s a hole in my heart... she just wanted to help... for $20’
She got the job via a placement agency for people with disabilities

Workers are paid below min wage

But are so grateful to have a job

That's why she showed up despite risk when her colleagues did not

#genocide #ableism #racism #classism #CapitalismKills #murder #grief
Her father told us that when the hospital returned her phone, it was unlocked

She had recorded a goodbye to her family and therapy dog before intubation

She was crying in fear about how she'd be further disabled by COVID

That's the last her parents 'saw' Leilani

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