What are the chances that they would damage/ destroy temples later, citing that there's infection etc. Doesn't matter if it is a Hindu or not, they should simply take the infected to government owned buildings like schools/ colleges if the need arises.
A Hindu temple is not a piggy bank, nor is it a field hospital. I don't know why Hindus at large aren't objecting to such desercration. It doesn't matter who does the desecration, it is still defiling of a ritual space which is best avoided. It's not like there aren't choices.
A government order asking for surrendering of temple properties to use as a quarantine base. "Temple canteen" is being ordered to prepare food like a dhaba.

I wonder what all will be done/ allowed.
It doesn't matter. Hindus should ask them to leave Hindu temples alone.

https://twitter.com/Lalitmegh97/status/1248082950924754944?s=20 https://twitter.com/bishwesh0604/status/1248084560673271809?s=20
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