Coal-fired power stations remain the dominant source of Australia’s fine particle pollution PM2.5 (25% of the national ‘all sources’ total), oxides of nitrogen NOx (25%), and sulfur dioxide SO2 (49%) – the air pollutants most toxic to human health. [2/10]
Australia’s coal-fired power stations are bad for our health. The toxic pollutants they pump out cause a range of serious health issues from asthma and respiratory issues to heart attack and stroke and even premature death. [3/10] #AirPollution
Air pollution causes approx 4800 deaths each year and coal-fired power stations are a big contributor. Coal-fired power stations cause 279 deaths each year in NSW alone from exposure to toxic air pollution. Nationally they are responsible for a health bill of $2.6 billion. [4/10]
Australia’s coal-fired power stations pump out huge amounts of toxic nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and PM2.5 pollution every year. [5/10] #AirPollution
State Environment Ministers could cut pollutants by more than 85% by making power stations install proper pollution controls. @Matt_KeanMP @LilyDAmbrosioMP @EPA_Victoria and @NSW_EPA #auspol [6/10]
Transitioning Australia’s power generation from coal to renewables would prevent more than 2000kg of mercury being released to the environment each year. Health benefits of a #JustTransition  #auspol #pollution [7/10]
Data reveals that coal-fired power stations pumped out 7.5 million kg of dangerous PM2.5 pollution, 360M kg of nitrogen oxides & 462M kg of sulfur dioxide in a year. Premiers @GladysB @AnnastaciaMP & @DanielAndrewsMP could cut this pollution by 85% at the stroke of a pen. [8/10]
The amount of #airpollution Australian #coal-fired power stations emit would be illegal in China, Europe or the USA. The NPI data should be a wake-up call for governments and regulators like @NSW_EPA & @EPA_Victoria. [9/10]
It’s time that governments and regulators made coal-fired power stations clean up their act. We need better pollution controls to protect our health. #airpollution #auspol [10/10]
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