USA #CoronaVirusUpdate

New York does look like it is peaking in number of active cases and new cases (may have even already peaked). But deaths will be at their peak this week.
New Jersey looks similar to New York.
Pennsylvania appears where NY/NJ were about a week or 10 days ago. The Governor was too slow to react, and put stay at home orders in. Philly is going to get nailed.

Hopefully western PA is spared.
Michigan is still worsening. They have not blunted their curve much if at all. They are probably 10 days away from peaking.
Illinois looks similar to Michigan and Pennsylvania. Downstate may be spared if social distancing was there soon enough, time will tell.
Florida and Louisiana are the hotspots down south are in the second phase along with PA, MI, and IL. But Georgia is looking bad too, and is only a few days behind. Atlanta is going to get hit.
Washington look good.

California is good...except LA county. Not sure why this county sticks out like a sore thumb, but they are going to be a hotspot in about a week. Too bad...CA was doing great otherwise.
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