Invade the world, invite the world, or you get what you deserve. Lots of Magatards and Redditards are moaning about off shoring but don't seem to understand why it happened, blaming a treacherous elite as if it was a choice made in isolation and that everything else could stay
the same. The world doesn't work that way, you can't have your cake and eat it to. The US dollar being the reserve currency of international trade generates intrinsic demand. In order to satisfy foreign demand, the US must structurally run a deficit. The power of the US to use
control over the Dollar to sanction and fuck with it's geopolitical enemies is paid for by fucking over American workers by making their goods uncompetitive. You cannot make in America without abandoning the Dollar system, a power your elites don't want to surrender. The same
also applies to the US immigration system. Running a World Empire means you get lots of immigrants. It's how you buy loyalty from the rest of the world's elites, by allowing them to partake in the looting. Don't want more immigrants? Stop trying to cultivate compradors.
Globalism is just another word for American Empire because it consists of the very institutions and norms created and sustained by the US. That's why all your self proclaimed anti-globalist politicians keep stabbing Americans in the back every single time. They like the Empire
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