1) Fascinating thoughts by "Freeper" semantic on the economy:

"I think this whole economic argument is misdirected. Why is Trump so relaxed? Because he has $8T sitting in his back pocket. (2 CV package; 4 Fed window; 2 infrastructure TBD.)
2) Between him, Mnuchin & Kushner, they know they're holding a straight flush. With even a very modest multiplier effect, Trump can literally inflate the economy at will.
3) Why do you think there's really not that much concern about potential fraud, waste & abuse? Because no one is going to sit on the money. Even if undeserving persons get checks, they are going to spend it. That's the entire point: get that $8T out and circulating.
4) Between people spending like there's no tomorrow, and China offshoring coming home, the inflationary effects are going to drown debt obligations to nil. This is how Trump destroys the Fed anyway, by making the value of their holdings (near) worthless."
5) I would add, I think because of the astoundingly massive true deflation we have seen since 1990, I'm not sure we'd see that much actual price inflation.

6) But I think "semantic" missed one: Trump is also sitting on a potential multi-trillion-dollar Chinese debt weapon . . .
6) contd . . . that he can (and I think will) use as a club to gain reparations from this. At the very least he'll get a debt restructure that may be worth $1T.

7) But now that he has the upper hand, he may be able to extract more.
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