A few weeks ago I said this pandemic would be ‘the great revealer’ and I’m sadly correct. It reveals our Federal leadership needs months to send emergency checks to people, needs to lie about its lack of preparedness, needs to scapegoat anything & everyone but the federal govt.
The pandemic has revealed our federal leadership to be criminally incompetent and proud of it. It has revealed that it is terrified if people vote so it calls for elections during quarantines, it has revealed that we are a dried husk of a superpower. We don’t have to be this way.
This pandemic has revealed the utter insanity of our health care system, the utter garbage that is our infrastructure, the utter meanness of many social leaders. Will it reveal that we the people who elect these leaders, we the people, at last refuse to be this way any more.
The pandemic has revealed how this disease is hammering the most vulnerable of us, while some social and religious leaders say it’s divine retribution for not being like them, how systemic racism in housing, health care, money, everything, has let the virus sicken more minorities
It has revealed how many people, even those lucky enough to have well-paying jobs, are just a few bad breaks from ruin & this is a tsunami of bad breaks; it has revealed we care more for tax breaks than tax payers. It has revealed child care & school are not benefits but rights
And with horrible clarity & finality, this pandemic has revealed that we have long confused individual acts of charity with being a charitable nation & government
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