I am about to explode. The five GOP US Supreme Court justices just overruled two lower courts and shut off extended absentee voting in Wisconsin. https://twitter.com/mjs_DC/status/1247301011947085825
Here are the new rules. If you have an absentee ballot in Wisconsin, you have to either put it in the mail so that it's postmarked tomorrow, Tuesday 4/7, or drop it off in person by 8pm at your clerk's office. It must arrive by Monday, 4/13.
If you requested an absentee ballot and it hasn't arrived yet—like thousands of other Wisconsinites—then you call your clerk and ask for a ballot to be emailed to you. You then find a safe way to print it out, fill it in, and drop it off. Clerk then copies it to official paper.
My official statement: "The Supreme Court of the United States legislated from the bench today, following Trump team's orders and writing a new election law to disenfranchise untold thousands of Wisconsin voters and consign an unknown number of Wisconsinites to their deaths."
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