/2 “The passing of Bill 10 means that, in addition to the already existing powers under the Alberta Public Health Act, any single politician can now also write, create, implement and enforce any new law, without approval or consultation.”
/3 “Kenney’s [UCP] used its majority to pass Bill 10 ...introduced on March 31 & approved on April 2. Hastily pushed through ...in less than 48 hours, with only 21 out of 87 elected MLAs present and voting on the final reading”
/4 “Bill 10 provides sweeping and extraordinary powers to any government minister at the stroke of a pen.”
/5 Meaning that, “in addition to already existing powers, one politician can now also write, create, implement & enforce any new law, simply through ministerial order, without the new law being discussed, scrutinized, debated or approved by the legislature.”
/6 Essentially, @shandro “can now decide unilaterally, without consultation, to impose additional laws on the citizens of Alberta, [if] he is personally of the view that doing so is in the public interest.”
/7 “Further, the new law can be made retroactive to the time when the public health emergency was declared. This includes the right of government to create new offenses, again without oversight from the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.”
/8 “Bill 10 also increases the maximum penalty for contravening the Public Health Act from $2,000 to $100,000 (first offence) and from $5,000 to $500,000 (subsequent offence).”
/9 “With many courts currently closed or highly restricted to criminal law and some family law matters, the usual checks and balances to ensure a democratic balance in our system are limited or non-existent.”
/10 It’s imperative to keep in mind that the Public Health Act “already had provisions in place for government to take exceptional measures.”

Thus, there was ZERO need to create this new bill. IMO, their plan is to privatize our public healthcare.
/11 Jay Cameron from JCCF says:

“Albertans have not given this government a mandate to override the basic tenets of representative democracy & bestow on one person the right to override the rights of millions because it is his opinion that he should do so.”
/12 He then says,

“This concentration of power in one individual, without meaningful accountability, opens the door for widespread abuse of civilians.”
/13 “Bill 10 is foreign to Canada’s system of government with its checks and balances, and its limits on the use of government power. Alberta citizens ought to be deeply concerned.”
/14 “Any response by public authorities which restricts civil liberties, even in an emergency, must be a minimal impairment of those liberties, and have a projected expiration date.”
/15 And finally, Kenney’s @jkenney Bill 10 is in “direct odds with Charter-protected personal rights, individual freedom, and constitutional guarantee to be free from government abuse and overreach.”
/16 The media has been derelict in its duty to inform Albertans about this government’s abusive legislation. Ignoring warnings from the NDP @RachelNotley warnings & opposition to the bill. For shame @globeandmail @CBCEdmonton @CTVNews @globalnews
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