@web chewing on this today — I believe @netflix has made the long tail of #content pop-culture — through #streaming https://twitter.com/web/status/1247245028335861760
This rise is fuled by #consumers easy access to quality content at anytime anywhere on a variety of devices.

Every day we as consumers are actively choosing the new stars based on how and with whom we choose to spend our #time with.
Therefore @web, the @Quibi strategy of touting star power as the unique selling proposition of Quibi for consumers —feels a little out of touch because consumers spend more of their time with content that feels authentic no matter how strange at scale — see #TigerKingNetflix
I believe that if @Quibi tweeked it’s #marketing strategy to make its value prop around seeing your favorite stars in new authentic ways it could make a world of difference in how the average consumer perceives the offering at scale
For example @web, making the reason @chancetherapper is hosting #Punkd is because he has been a lover of practical jokes since childhood and now hosting his show on @Quibi is the fulfillment of a life-long dream
We all enjoy watching others go after + fulfill their dreams.

It inspires us to do the same.

Leaning hard into that kind of messaging could help @Quibi SLOWLY but sustainably grow and secure market share w. consumers that increasingly have more choices but less and less time.
@venturetwins let me know what you think of the thread above. Just read your tweets on @Quibi — I definitely looking at how this product moves in the market very closely as are you.
@PhilRanta just read your content on LinkedIn — let me know what you think of this @Quibi thread.
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