My simultweet of @realDonaldTrump #TrumpPressBriefing

Testing? LIE!

40 countries have tested more people per million

Next Lie?

Deaths per million doesn't require testing!

US 33 p/m South Korea 4

Canada 9 UK 79!
Here you go


Once you become the ugly neighbor that hoards the supplies, other neighbors get mad and start keeping their stuff, a deadly game of taking my ball and going home!

India may feel the same way I do?


Pre-Crash, Obama created more new jobs in his final 38 months, 8,402,000 than @realDonaldTrump did in his first 38 months, 7,102,000 and Stock Market was better! And GDP!

"April 30th"?

"We want to try"

@FOXNews, @IngrahamAngle
and @RudyGiuliani and others are pushing hydroxychloroquine as a cure to grease the wheels to reopen the country to get the stock market back up before November.


"Bump, Hill, Mountain... very flat"

Pick a Place!




I see a pattern Dr. Fauci!


@gop governors!

I need to update my

page @sahilkapur @GOPChairwoman !

Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota.

What is this flattening you speak of @realDonaldTrump ?
I pause #TrumpPressBriefing to update a webpage....

Be Right Back!
USA new deaths?


South Korea



They tested EARLY, not NOW! @realDonaldTrump


8,996 test per million compare to our 5,781!

40 countries have tested more (you repeat lies. I repeat truths)
"People can't believe how low some of those bumps are" - @realDonaldTrump

I have updated my



Let's go look for bumps!

Arkansas @AsaHutchinson ?

April 5th looks like a big bump to me! What about you @sahilkapur ?
What were those other states again @sahilkapur ?


Arkansas @AsaHutchinson

Iowa @iagovernor

Nebraska @GovRicketts

North Dakota @DougBurgum

South Dakota @govkristinoem

South Carolina @henrymcmaster

Utah @GovHerbert

Wyoming @GovernorGordon
I see a pattern? Big 'bump's and @gop governors and no #StayHomeSaveLives decrees @SamuelLJackson

Maybe you need to read these governors a poem?

"New Jersey has been tough and New York has been tough" - DT


"California, Washington State far exceeds")

Spike in California @realDonaldTrump

@GavinNewsom knows that!
Washington State


I see a huge lie coming @ddale8 !

"The 8 states..."


Let's get a Report Card!

Arkansas @AsaHutchinson

837 confirmed cases F

Iowa @iagovernor

869 confirmed cases D-
Nebraska @GovRicketts

364 confirmed cases D

North Dakota @DougBurgum

207 confirmed cases B-

South Dakota @govkristinoem

240 confirmed cases C

South Carolina @henrymcmaster

2,049 confirmed cases D-

Utah @GovHerbert

1,608 confirmed cases D

I am so glad I wasn't drinking @dietcoke when @realDonaldTrump said this @TheRickWilson @KevinMKruse @WajahatAli @TheValuesVoter !

"Morally, I believe in our Constitution., more so than most"

James Madison is rolling over in his grave @JohnAvlon !

Even someone who has had CV and recovered and may be immune is still a VECTOR of the disease.


Follow me here.

Someone drives down from New Jersey to see kinfolks in Georgia. No symptoms (yes @GovKemp they can still have it!) They go to Tybee Island.
I have been to Tybee Island several times. Great place to visit. So this man from New Jersey, with CV but doesn't know it, has has infected his kin folks. They all go to the beach.


They touch a handrail or a coke machine button or the door to the bathroom.
Then they go to @Walmart or @kroger or a @MAPCO


By the way, the person that bought a @pepsi out a vending machine right after they did are going to a Walmart or a Kroger or a Mapco too!

So is the person that touched the door knob after they did.
These people are touching pin pads to swipe their debit cards and pushing grocery buggies and handling melons and grabbing gas pump handles @gop Governors


Masks don't fix that!


Misunderstanding the word "STAY" or "AT" or "HOME"?
"Packed or not packed" - DT

That door knob or water faucet or vending machine button or store buggy or pin pad does not care how packed they are - right @drsanjaygupta ?

"How crowded?" @AsaHutchinson - what about Arkansas parks?

I am trying to fix stupid here @BrianKarem @TheRickWilson

Idiots are killing people!

#MAGA is killing people!

Some idiot goes to the park, beach or church then goes to MY grocery store or YOUR gas station people!

will both need to make sure their resumes are ready to go!

"Her Opinion" - @realDonaldTrump

I have been tracking your incompetence since the day @JohnKasich dropped out of the race President Trump!

It is a 41 Page report (I know how you hate to read!)

It is the opinion of hospital administrators from 323 hospitals across 46 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico @realDonaldTrump


You are going to repeat your "Tremendous Job of Testing" lie again but the people waiting for tests know the truth.
people waiting for days or never getting a test no the truth @realDonaldTrump

Numbers don't lie. Actions and results don't lie.

Incompetence has a way of being revealed.

You couldn't keep a casino afloat. How did #MAGA expect you to handle this?

I harken back to a simpler time @KevinMKruse , a time when Inspector Generals were respected. A time when their positions were revered as one of fairness and due diligence.

When I am POTUS I will show IG's the respect they have earned @TheValuesVoter

Here is the list #MAGA @realDonaldTrump @GOPChairwoman @parscale @TeamTrump @gop @KellyannePolls @PressSec

Rank Country Tests/Per/Million

1 Faeroe Islands 100,976
2 Iceland 81,701
3 Gibraltar 41,168
4 Luxembourg 38,805
5 Bahrain 28,023
6 Malta 24,738

7 Liechtenstein 23,605
8 UAE 22,244
9 Norway 20,530
10 Isle of Man 19,263
11 Brunei 18,883
12 Switzerland 18,776
13 San Marino 17,270
14 Estonia 16,484
15 Slovenia 13,590
16 Qatar 13,227
17 Hong Kong 12,900
18 Israel 12,677
19 Greenland 12,648

20 Austria 12,357
21 Italy 11,937
22 Australia 11,903
23 Latvia 11,374
24 Singapore 11,110
25 Germany 10,962
26 Portugal 10,788
27 Cyprus 9,661
28 Lithuania 9,403
29 Denmark 9,139
30 S. Korea 8,996
31 New Zealand 8,881
32 Canada 8,767

33 Aruba 8,523
34 Czechia 7,939
35 Spain 7,593
36 New Caledonia 7,478
37 Channel Islands 6,655
38 Ireland 6,119
39 Belgium 6,040
40 Finland 5,920
41 USA 5,784 Not #1 - #41!


Want to do Deaths Per Million?

A list?
Rank Country Deaths/Million
1 San Marino 943
2 Spain 285
3 Italy 273
4 Andorra 272
5 Belgium 141
6 Sint Maarten 140
7 France 137
8 Netherlands 109
9 Switzerland 88
10 UK 79
11 Luxembourg 65
12 Saint Martin 52
13 Sweden 47

14 Iran 45
15 Channel Islands 40
16 Ireland 35
17 USA 33
18 Denmark 32
19 Bermuda 32
20 Portugal 31
21 Liechtenstein 26
22 Turks and Caicos 26
23 Monaco 25
24 Austria 24
25 Germany 22
26 Iceland 18
27 Guadeloupe 17

28 Cayman Islands 15
29 Norway 14
30 Estonia 14
31 Slovenia 14
32 Panama 13
33 Bahamas 13
34 Isle of Man 12
35 North Macedonia 11
36 Ecuador 11
37 Martinique 11
38 Canada 9
39 Romania 9
40 Bosnia and Herzegovina 9
41 Greece 8

42 Turkey 8
43 Dominican Republic 8
44 Israel 7
45 Cyprus 7
46 Czechia 7
47 Barbados 7
48 Mayotte 7
49 Serbia 7
50 Albania 7
51 Lithuania 6
52 Mauritius 6
53 Trinidad and Tobago 6
54 Guyana 6
55 Curaçao 6
56 Finland 5

57 Moldova 5
58 S. Korea 4

World 9.6

So under @realDonaldTrump incompetent leadership, only 16 countries are losing more good people to CV than we are. 33 per million. Turkey is 8! Greece is 8!


No Donald Trump! No Congratulations!
Thank You @KristinFisher

Praying for your Dad! He sounds awesome!

Thank you for asking about testing. Great reporting!


What a lot of people don't understand is how @foxnews website and reporters are
legitimate news sources. Like Dr. Fauci working with @realDonaldTrump I am amazed how Chris Wallace, yourself and other real news people stand to have the @foxnews moniker. Shep said enough is enough!


You know and I know testing is an unmitigated disaster!
327.2 million (2018) population.

2 / 327.2 = 0.61%

South Korea 461,233 tests
Population 51.47 million (2017) = 0.90%

Canada 330,901 tests
37.59 million (2019) people = 0.88%


Admiral Giroir - this is April 6th, way too late to have testing make an impact, especially when @gop governors continue to leave churches, beaches and parks open out of cowardice or ignorance!


Do I sound mad? I sure hope so!
"If they knew on March 23rd and 24th, why did I find out about ... on the news media at 8 o'clock this morning?"

Turn to @realDonaldTrump and ask him what Governors have been telling him. Maybe people below you have not been keeping you abreast?

#TrumpPressBriefing I Knew!

You can act like you were ambushed by @OIGatHHS report @HHS_ASH but everyone in this country that is keeping up with current events or has a loved one that has had issues getting a test knows the truth. I have a hunch, deep down inside, YOU know the truth!
I know @n_vpatel knows!

"people around the country are still finding it impossible."


Ambushed Admiral?

Let's jump ahead to April 5, yesterday, before 8 o'clock this morning.
If only The Admiral or @realDonaldTrump would read what they are writing?

@agarrettabj knew!

"Searching for answers: Shortage of coronavirus tests leads to questions"

Words like

"Tests hard to get"

"I think testing is in a good position right now and" @HHS_ASH

Paging @BySheilaKaplan and @katie_thomas

TODAY'S @nytimes @brianstelter @oliverdarcy !

If only the @WhiteHouse subscribed? (I do!)

"Delays and Shortages Exacerbate Coronavirus Testing Gaps in the U.S.

"Testing availability remains a signature failure of the battle against the coronavirus in the United States,


despite President Trump’s boast last week that he got a rapid test and
results within minutes."

This was TODAY'S @nytimes @HHS_ASH

@realDonaldTrump @BrianKarem

"In January 2020, Christi Grimm became the Principal Deputy Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS),

Office of Inspector General (OIG)."

@realDonaldTrump it is called being an expert at something.


You want to replace good IGs with Yes Men/Women.

That is what causes casinos to go bankrupt. Sheldon Adelson hires professionals, not amateurs.
"Ms. Grimm brings two decades of leadership and expertise in health and human services programs."


"She is a leading expert in program integrity issues related to HHS programs, with particular emphasis on health care services provided in home and
community-based settings. "


One of the reasons we are looking at (let me go look again, 33 deaths per million (no testing data needed for this number) is you can not hire competent people @realDonaldTrump


"Ms. Grimm began her career with OIG in 1999 as a Program Evaluator and later served as a Senior Program Analyst in OIG’s Office of Evaluation and Inspections. She designed and conducted groundbreaking work to improve quality and
safety in hospitals, stop unqualified providers from enrolling in Medicaid, and improve the process for appealing Medicare payment decisions."


"What you just said is a disgrace" @realDonaldTrump


Let me rewind to see what the disgrace was.
"You are a third rate reporter!" @realDonaldTrump

Wait! You asked a question - "How long has she been in government?" and he answered it.

"That is Fake News"


HOW is Answering YOUR question #FakeNews ?
She was not appointed in the Obama administration!

She has been in the office since Bill Clinton and served well under George Bush.

"You will never make it."


He has! @whca - when do you start doing something about this?
WHEN will the @WHCA grow a SPINE and everyone just get up and walk out when @realDonaldTrump pulls this crap @BrianKarem ?


When does a reporter call Trump out for this? Get someone's back? I WISH IS WAS IN THA ROOM!

"Mr. President, Who the hell do you
think you are?" would be my question following John's!



"I will not tell you how many are in the stockpile" @HHS_ASH

Why Not?

Lack of Ventilators is going to be @realDonaldTrump lasting legacy
"It's about 9,000" - @realDonaldTrump

Remember that number @NYGovCuomo !

The Mortality rate is tracking upward @TheValuesVoter @ryanstruyk



When Governor Cuomo
projected needing 40,000 ventilators, mortality rate was 1.42%

Let's see what it is as I type this



If 10% of state of New York's 1,954,000 get CV - at that mortality rate, Cuomo may need 58,295 ventilators!
New York8,601,186 - 25,661
Buffalo 252,555 - 753
Rochester 206,318 - 616
Yonkers 202,127 - 603
Syracuse 141,353 - 422
Albany 97,640- 291
New Rochelle 79,518 - 237
Mount Vernon68,212 -204
Schenectady 63,536 -190
Utica 59,608 - 178

FLU has a 0.06% Mortality Rate.

Right now CV is at 2.98%


Arkansas @AsaHutchinson

Iowa @iagovernor

Nebraska @GovRicketts

North Dakota @DougBurgum

South Dakota @govkristinoem

South Carolina @henrymcmaster

Utah @GovHerbert

Wyoming @GovernorGordon
If 39 million catch CV with a mortality rate of 2.98% ?


Remember, unlike flu, no vaccine!

1,163,515 deaths in The United States!

That is IF everyone gets a ventilator!

All US deaths from every war combined @gop @realDonaldTrump
"Her bio .... she served in government from 1999"

Well Played!

(Look at that face!!! @BrianKarem - @realDonaldTrump is giving him the evil-eye whammy!)


Now we enter the "Obama sucked, I am great" portion of the rally for the @foxnews #MAGA viewers.
The "We were out of ammunition, Obama spent money like crazy" segment of the @realDonaldTrump rally.


We had plenty of ammo and ...


The 2016 @GOP platform promised to balance the budget.
2017 - @gop and @realDonaldTrump gave Berkshire-Hathaway $29 Billion (with a B!)

The $65 billion gain is nonetheless real – rest assured of that. But only $36 billion came from Berkshire’s operations.


The "Fiscally Conservative @GOP" ?

2016? $3.9 trillion

2020? (After a Tax Cut!) $4.8 trillion

(WE SPENT MONEY) is what you meant to say, right @realDonaldTrump ?

"“We should plan assuming we won’t have enough PPE—so need to change the battlefield and how we envision or even define the front lines,” Dr. Carter Mecher, a physician and senior medical adviser at the Department of Veterans Affairs, wrote on Feb. 25."

"It would be weeks before front-line health workers would take to social media with the hashtag #GetMePPE and before health systems would appeal to the public to donate protective gear.""


And of course this tweet:

All of that happened on February 25th @FEDRLST @CletaMitchell


How many nurses, doctors, first responders, and others would be alive today if @realDonaldTrump had invoked DPA on February 25th @RBReich ?
Being a college-educated man that LEARNED something college I would have acted on January 15.

#TrumpPressConference #TrumpPressBriefing

My boss for 17 years always told me, "I don't have you to work 40 hours a week, I have for when I need you"

I am in a Hall of Fame for
being there when someone needed me @realDonaldTrump

@potus is customer support.


If you watched movies, "Dave" would have taught you that!

I would have experts around me @Yamiche , like my boss hired me.

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