I've been stuck:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6: it's the weekend baby
Day 7: Happy easter
Day 8:
Day 10:
Day 11: today was supposed to be the nudy concert
Day 12:
Day 13: it's the weekend baby
Day 14: time to watch castlevania season 3
Day 15:
Day 16:
Day 17:
Day 18:
Day 19:
Day 20: Its the weekend baby
Day 21:
Day 22: 1st week of self quarantine begins
Day 23: ima put a beard on this to represent myself better
Day 24: beard ain't crop well so here's this
Day 25:
Day 27: fuck 26 I was high as shit but it's the weekend baby
Day 28:
Day 29: Niggas fucked up in the crib makin smoothies. It's me I'm niggas
Day 30:
Day 31: Durag fell off
Day 32:
Day 33: It's just pain
Day 34: it's the weekend 🙁
Day 35:
Day 36: back to work
Day 37: it's a shitshow
Day 38: I'm so tired of waking up
Day 39: Dont ever have a crush it sucks
Day 40: FUCK
Day 41: it's the weekend I guess
Day 42: horny?
Day 43: Back to work
Day 45: forgot 44
Day 46: Fake smiling takes a lot out of me
Day 47: Fuck
Day 51: Life is hard but love is endless
Day 52: ya
Day 55: drawing a blank
Day 56: Miss you grandad
Day 57:
Day 60: Home is so empty now
Day 61: sleep, eat, game, cry, repeat
Day 63: My eyes keep closing but I cant sleep
Day 64: I hate people
Day 65: I've been to angry to be sad
Day 66: Pain, all I know is pain
Day 67: thinking about not waking up again
Day 68: WTF
Day 69: the jokes there
Day 70: Cried a lil
Day 71: Virus still out there fuckin idiots
Day 73: I'm tired of a lot of things, especially over privileged assholes who view their mediocre beliefs outweigh common sense
Day 75: ima go smoke
Day 77: Everythings a blur
Day 78:
Day 79: I hate people, always did and always will myself included. Cant wait for the extinction event
Day 80: Yep, still hate people
Day 81: If it wasnt for Quincy I dont think I'd wake up in the morning
Day 83:
Day 84: they only love you for the wrong reasons
Day 85: "How's it going" I don't know
Day 86: If I don't think I can't feel
Day 88: I feel like it should be 89 or 90 mightve fucked up
Day 89: Fuck the 4th
Day 91: Imagine if Europe had just minded they business
Day 92: Still stuck
Day 93: Why niggas always gotta fuck things up for women? The amount of traumatized friends I have is ridiculous
Day 94: Fuck Disney World
Day 95: Im drunk purple toilet
Day 97: I suggest Florida as a great vacation spot, at least 2 months stay and don't come back
Day 98: My knee giving up on me
Day 99: Who do you go to when you have to report the government?
Day 100: Hooray 100 days of feeling like utter shit
Day 104: Turnt for 3 days now we vibe and die
Day 105: I've accepted my role as "nigga when she lonely"
Day 106: I failed to upload the pic for 2 days FUCK
Day 111: FUCK
Day 113: Everyday its nice out and I'm stuck being "essential"
Day 114: How wonderful it would be to not have been born
Day 116: We zooted
Day 117: Ooooooooooooooooooowweeeeeeeeeeeee
Day 118: Thank you all for stopping by over the weekend to my thread. I'm just going through life the best I can. If you like the pic, watch smiling friends on @adultswim
Day 119: Back on my bullshit
Day 120: Storm fucked up a lot of shit – bei Bellevue Hospital Center Psych Ward (C.P.E.P)
Day 121: Lights out at work, President,VP, and HR aint show up but everyone else had to.....
Day 122: Its Nudy Friday, first song on shuffle on the day Meg and Cardi got every nigga on the tl horny 🥴
Day 124: My cat protects me while I poop
Day 125: My friends and I can talk about the inconsistencies of life while joking and not bite each others throats, love em
Day 126: Still hate people
Day 127: Its either a racist cheesedoodle or a senile saltine and a mega cop 😬
Day 128: Hearing other countries shit on the US is a hobby of mine
Day 129: Cuzzo and I bought to become the gas twins OOOOOWWEEEEEEE
Day 130: Wake & bake to Zaywop ladies and gentlemen its good for you
Day 132: Nothings really filling the void
Day 133: I'm in a lull, neither happy or sad. No emotions just actions. I want to be there for people but im not really all here
Day 134: Maybe I'm just lonely? Idk, I want warmth I like warm
Day 135: I'm not appreciating the fact its nippy in the morning. Why am I wearing a jacket?
Day 136: I dropped my banana dont talk to me
Day 139: weekend summary-LSD is great 8/10
Day 141: I need a cheese platter STAT
Day 142: Still thinking bout that cheese platter might fuck around and cheese out sunday
Day 143: If this job that contacted ME doesn't hit me back, dont go to school tomorrow is all im saying
Day 144: We Day Drink!
Day 146: This weeks limited edition nonsense is brought to you by "I want a boo thang 👉🏾👈🏾"
Day 148: Im just so fucking tired of everything. I've tried to "live" and it fucking blows
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